Australia Post prepaid postcode postcards

I’d like to have a little gallery of the Australia Post prepaid postcode postcards here - so that I can see where they are available, and maybe start a collection if they’re still available (I’m having difficulty getting the Canberra one again…they’ve run out…and haven’t had any for a while. I’ll ask again when I’m next in town):

Adelaide GPO
Adelaide Halifax St PS - none in stock 28/9/23
Adelaide Hutt St PO - permanently closed
Adelaide Rundle Mall Post Shop
Albany Post Shop
Albury Post Shop
Alice Springs Post Shop
Australia Square Post Shop
Australia Fair Post Shop RP QLD
Bairnsdale Post Shop
Bathurst Post Shop
Beechworth Post Shop
Bega Post Shop
Bendigo Central Post Shop
Bendigo VIC 3550
Bendigo VIC 3550
Bendigo VIC 3550
Brisbane GPO Post Shop
Broken Hill Post Shop
Broome Post Shop
Buderim Post Shop
Bunbury Post Shop
Bundaberg Post Shop
Burleigh Post Shop
Busselton Post Shop
Byron Bay Post Shop
Cairns Post Shop
Caloundra Post Shop
Canberra GPO PS - none in stock 14/9/23
Clifford Gardens Post Shop
Coffs Harbour Post Shop
Coolangatta Post Shop
Cowes Post Shop
Darlinghurst Post Shop
Darwin GPO
Deniliquin Post Shop
Docklands Post Shop
Dromana Post Shop
Dubbo Post Shop
Earlville Post Shop
East Perth Post Shop
Echuca Post Shop
Esperance Post Shop
Fremantle Post Shop
Geelong Post Shop
Geraldton Post Shop
Griffith Post Shop
Gympie Post Shop
Harvey Post Shop
Haymarket Post Shop
Helensvale Town Centre Ps RP QLD
Hobart Bathurst St Post Shop
Hobart GPO Post Shop
Kalgoorlie Post Shop
Katherine Post Shop
Katoomba Post Shop
Kununurra Post Shop
Kyneton Post Shop
Lakes Entrance Post Shop
Launceston Post Shop
Lismore Post Shop
Mackay Post Shop
Mackay West Post Shop
Mackay QLD 4740 - not sure which shop
Mandurah East Post Shop
Mandurah Post Shop
Mandurah WA 6210 - not sure which shop
Manjimup Post Shop
Margaret River Post Shop
Market Square Post Shop
Maroochydore Post Shop
Maroochydore QLD 4558 - not sure which shop
Maroochydore QLD 4558 - not sure which shop
Maryborough Post Shop
Melb Collins St West Post Shop
Melbourne Flinders Lane
Melbourne GPO Post Shop
Melbourne VIC 3000 - not sure which shop
Melbourne VIC 3000 - not sure which shop
Mildura Post Shop
Mooloolaba Post Shop
Mount Gambier Post Shop
Mount Isa Post Shop
Naracoorte Post Shop
Nerang Post Shop RP
Noosa Civic Post Shop
Noosa Heads Post Shop
North Adelaide Post Shop
Northam Post Shop
Ocean Grove Post Shop
Parkes Post Shop
Perth Cloisters Sq Post Shop
Perth GPO Post Shop
Perth St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000 - not sure which shop
Perth WA 6000 - not sure which shop
Port Macquarie Post Shop
Prahran Post Shop
Q Supercentre Post Shop RP
QVB Market Street Post Office
Robina Post Shop RP
Rockhampton Post Shop
Runaway Bay Post Shop RP
Sandy Bay Post Shop
St Helens Post Shop
St Kilda Road Post Shop
St Kilda South Post Shop
Sunshine Plaza Post Shop
Surfers Paradise Post Shop
Swan Hill Post Shop
Sydney GPO Post Shop
Toowoomba Post Office
Torquay Post Shop
Victor Harbor Post Shop
Wagga Wagga Post Office
Wangaratta Post Shop
Warrnambool Post Shop
Wendouree Post Shop
West Perth Post Shop
World Square Post Shop
Woy Woy Post Shop
Yarrawonga Post Shop

Other cards for towns not on Australia Post’s list (some look to be self-made…?):

Bangalow NSW 2479
Banyo QLD 4014
Boat Sheds Sandon Point NSW 2516
Bodalla NSW 2545
Bodalla NSW 2545
Bodalla NSW 2545
Bodalla NSW 2545
Bodalla Pub NSW 2545
Bridport TAS 7262
Bridport TAS 7262
Heathcote VIC 3523
Ilfracombe QLD 4727
Lemon Tree Passage NSW 2319
Narooma_Underwater NSW 2546
Narooma_Underwater NSW 2546
Narooma_Underwater NSW 2546
Narooma_Underwater NSW 2546
Phillip Island VIC - no postcode given
Potato Point NSW 2545
Potato Point NSW 2545
Potato Point NSW 2545
‘The Nut’ in Stanley TAS 7331
Urana NSW 2645 - Spider warning!
Urana (Greetings from) NSW 2645
Urana (Greetings from) NSW 2645
Urana (Greetings from) NSW 2645

P.S. A couple of cities have more than one card available. If I’ve linked the wrong card to the wrong post-office in the list above…just let me know. In some cases I’ve listed all the variations separately…because I don’t know if they’re all genuine, or where they were obtained.

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Oh! I’ve never heard of these, they’re interesting - I can’t say I’ve seen any in my state (vic)

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I’ll start the ball rolling with a couple of the officials I’ve sent so far:

Canberra ACT 2600 - purchased in the GPO on Alinga Street, Civic…but I have not seen them in stock recently.

Alice Springs NT 0870 - purchased in the post office on Hartley Street.

I found these today on @IndigoAngel’s wall:

Geelong VIC 3220

Katoomba NSW 2780

Dubbo NSW 2830

Bathurst NSW 2795

And on other walls:

Melbourne VIC 3000

Maryborough QLD 4640

Mooloolaba QLD 4557

Noosa Heads QLD 4567

Rockhampton QLD 4700

Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Parkes NSW 2870

Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

There are some Australians who collect them avidly.

Here is an official link from the Australian Post Office:

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And a few more:

Mildura VIC 3500

Dromana VIC 3936

Bendigo VIC 3550

Bodalla NSW 2545

Bodalla NSW 2545

Bodalla Pub NSW 2545

Potato Point NSW 2545

Narooma_Underwater NSW 2546

Narooma_Underwater NSW 2546

Narooma_Underwater NSW 2546

Narooma_Underwater NSW 2546

Buderim QLD 4556

Hobart TAS 7000

Perth WA 6000

Kalgoorlie WA 6430

Yarrawonga VIC 3730

Swan Hill VIC 3585

Deniliquin NSW 2710

Byron Bay NSW 2481

Lismore NSW 2480

Noosa QLD 4567

Broken Hill NSW 2880

Griffith NSW 2680

Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Brisbane QLD 4000

Geraldton WA 6530

Caloundra QLD 4551

I’m a bit confused about the Bodalla and Narooma cards linked above. I don’t see them on the Australia Post list of sites afforded their own ‘Local Souvenir’ range…and there are multiple different designs…so maybe these ones are made in the same style by someone else, and not part of the Australia Post series?

I have sent this one in the past but it has been sold out for some time now.

I don’t have photos but I’ve sent one in the past few months from Gympie QLD (the gold digger statue) and Mooloolaba QLD and they both still had plenty of stock.

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Spotted this one in a profile :slightly_smiling_face:

Bunbury WA 6230

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Thanks @twinkledee!

I’m looking and looking for the Cairns one.
Surely someone has sent one of these from Cairns officially…so I can link to it up the top here! But do you think I can find one? No…I can not!

Nor have I found any from Adelaide in the offical card gallery…yet. I’m not even going to tell you how many pages I’ve scrolled back in the gallery of Australian cards. Suffice to say, a lot! I guess I’ll go search for peeps who live in Adelaide next and look at their walls (I’ve done that for Cairns…no luck yet). Someone must have sent some of the Adelaide ones!


I’ll keep an eye out!!

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I haven’t sent this one yet, but it’s one of the Adelaide cards. I bought it at the GPO. I didn’t realise there were different ones at other post offices around the city so will have to check them out.

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Oh that’s a beauty @Babykangi Donna!! I love it. :heart_eyes:

Can you let me know if it ever ends up on your wall and I’ll link to it in my list up in the first post. It’ll be a wiki of these cards, for future reference.

Thank you so much for showing it here! :+1:t2:

Oh…and I’m just assuming there are different cards at all the post offices on the list…because there are different ones in Sydney.

Love your commitment Sam!

Does the list of post offices in the first post signify the POs where these cards are probably sold?

If so, I’ll check Albury and Beechworth sometime next week and report back :disguised_face:

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Yes @missmelbourne.

They’re listed on the Oz Post website as being part of the ‘just over 100’ locations where the Local Souvenir range is/were?? available.

I’d love it if you could check those two places!
That’s awesome. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ll see if I can ask the next time I’m out in the melb. CBD :slight_smile: I’m slightly disappointed because those are the only accessible ones to me out of all of these :frowning: Where’s the Melb eastern suburbs ones? Lol


Yeah, the locations are a bit hit and miss. Only one that I know of in Canberra and it’s been out of stock for months. I’m not all that hopeful that they’re still being produced. I bought a bunch in Sydney of the QVB a few months back…and they were selling them for one dollar or thereabouts. I think they were getting rid of stock. But I hope I’m wrong! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Haha! @missmelbourne I just found Beechworth on someone’s wall!!

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Awesome! Gosh you must have really combed through some pages!

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I’m up to page 1178 of the Aussie gallery (which only dates back to April this year…:tired_face:. Any time I find one, I also check if the user has sent others.

…and Albury just popped up on page 1194

My work here is done for tonight! :rofl:.

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This one seems different from the one for Maroochydore posted above?

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