Articles featuring postcards (but not Postcrossing)

Sometimes I stumble on (or get forwarded) articles that are about postcards, but not about Postcrossing necessarily… I still wanted to share these with you all, but there wasn’t a place to collect them. So this topic is for that. :slight_smile:

Postcrosser @bjhowden let me know about this article, featuring a writer and journalist who sends postcards to his godchildren:


Such a great article, thanks for sharing!

This was EXCELLENT!!!
And it’s a great idea for friends and relatives who may not want to get as involved as something like Postcrossing.

This is a surprise, I actually know Mark we are members of inventors of :canada:. It really is a small world….he now resides in the us


What a wonderful story :heart_eyes: Thank you so much for sharing!

I love this. I may copy this idea to write letters to my son via postcards using my travel memories.

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I’ve done the same with my 2 godchildren while they were at school. I may not have travelled as often as the writer, but living in Europe I used the cards also for education, writing them in the languages they were learning in school, i.e. German, French and English.
I think it sparked something, at least I still receive the odd card from them.

I’ve actually done this both with my godchild and my own godmother, who was a globetrotter herself and inspired me to see the world! :slight_smile: