Are you keeping Postcards for yourself?

I actually thought I could make a promise to myself that I will send a way all cards I buy. Somehow there are cards which I would really like to keep XD or better receive and than send my version away! Do you know that feeling? So you have such cards in your collection? Or are you hard and send away everything? :smiley:


Hahaha, I know the feeling. Actually this night some one picked out one of my faves which felt sad and exciting at ones :pleading_face:


no, I’ll take part in RR and have the cards sent to me


Always. I have so many blank postcards I never send because I like them too much.


That feeling is mutual, I did send all cards at first but then really liked some so decided to keep a little bit to myself would say around 20ish?


I try to find postcards/get postcards made I really like & then get multiple copies & I keep one of them for me & send the rest out into the world!

I have kept greetings cards for years because I loved the image. I send some but have kept more, lol - Now I just try I save the image electronically if possible - much easier, cheaper & it doesn’t take up physical space.


I hate to break it to you but… a computer or phone does take up physical space. Sorry you had to find out this way

No I’m just kidding lol


Well I did think about data storage, lol, but that’s a lot better than boxes or drawers of cards eh? lol


I send cards to myself on special occasions. I save some of my favourite cards and stamps for it. It’s like keeping a diary in a way.


Nope, I send everything. I buy it with the intention that I will not keep it.

I mean, I have a (possibly literal) ton of postcards sitting here to be sent, but the guiding principle is that I’m not keeping them.


I have bought some cards specifically for myself. I frame them and display them as art pieces. Some of them are illustrations and art prints in slightly bigger postcard size, but there are couple of maxicards and lots memories here too. It is like cool but cheaper art for home. I think I paid about 5€ for each illustrated postcard, so it is lot of money if I would send them with Postcrossing, but when compared to what bigger art prints costs (~15-25€), I really did got a good deal and nice thing to look at.


Yeah! Sometimes I have this felling) I have some cards that I keep. Some of them were given as a present for a birthday, some are from my pen pals and so on)

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I do a little like this too, but only on holidays.
I write my address and put a stamp, then look for a friendly looking stranger and ask them to write the card. Then I put it in the mail box (not reading it).

But, for some reason it’s easy to do this on a holiday, because most likely I will never see them again, if they think I’m insane. I’ve gotten really lovely messages in the cards, and they are wonderful souvenirs, as I remember the moment so well, when I choose the “writer”. (Because I’m stupidly shy, I am very nervous about asking this :upside_down_face:)


I try not to keep unused postcards for myself, but I am picky about who those special ones go to. I had one postcard I really love and finally sent it…and amazingly a week later I received that same card myself, with stamps and message. I was sooo happy.


That is by the way an amazing idea to be honest :slight_smile: did you ever had a bad experience with it? Or is it always great?

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Very beautiful idea :slight_smile:

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I think I’ve only bought an extra set of postcards for three or four postcard sets with the intention of keeping one set and sending out the other. All other postcards I’ve gotten I have the intention of sending out to other people.

I don’t keep blank cards I bought myself. Instead, I send myself cards from holidays! I even framed the one I sent myself from Svalbard.


No, I am surprised about it, even though I’m always prepared to read something like “stop disturbing people” :grin: (which never happened). But I try to choose people who look relaxed and not in a hurry, and mostly they react very happily.


That is such a cool idea! Good for you for being brave enough to ask people. I might try it when things are better after the pandemic wanes.