Are you keeping Postcards for yourself?

I do, I love postcards since childhood, my mother was a postcard collector in her teens so she had a big collection and allowed me to play with it.
when we were on holidays she always bought a big bunch to send too family and friends, so it´s a childhood thing.
One of the reasons i want to receive/send to my country is that by doing so i can receive beautiful postcards from Portugal and send to others the ones that i buy.

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Of the cards I collect I always buy one for myself also! :slight_smile:

Then, for a while I sent myself a card from all the places I visited. :slight_smile:

Then I thought this is a stupid thing to do and stopped sending myself cards, stupid me! :frowning:

Then I started to send cards to myself again and was angry I didn’t do it for a while (I still hate to think I had stopped doing it!!!).

@S_Tuulia: what a fabulous idea to ask someone else to write the card. Wow, I can only say! :slight_smile:

Nowadays, as I send all my snailmail with special postmarks, I send myself a card with those postmarks too! :smiley:

For me, the cards I send myself, also have “diary-character”. :smiley:

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Oh, I have so many that I have kept myself… Lately I’ve been thinking joining to Write my card back RR, but haven’t done it yet, because I’m too worried about the cards getting lost on their way. :sweat_smile: Also some of them are country related, so I’d like to get the card back from the country I bought it.
I have many of those cards I’ve kept, on my album of favourites, so if I ever happen to receive one of them, then I’ll send my other copy on its way.

I love @S_Tuulia’s way of sending the cards from holidays! I always find it weird to write a message to myself (maybe I should think it more like a diary than a postcard) but I also might be too shy for asking a stranger to write a message. :thinking:

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Some postcards that I have ordered, I will sure keep some of them because I love them XD
I had some cards that I really didn’t want to send because they were so beautiful but I finally sent them in exchange to the same beautiful ones :slight_smile::wink:

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So before I started Postcrossing, all the postcards I have were for myself :rofl: I buy them when I visit places so it’s like a reminder of where I’ve been.

However since I joined Postcrossing I’ve actually wanted to share all of these postcards with the world. There are a few I will keep, as I mentioned I bought them when I visited places so want to keep them as a reminder (in the future I will probably write about my day/trip on the back for myself to remember) but obviously I’m receiving lots of written postcards so I’m more happy to keep these :slight_smile:


@nnniiina I think you would like this OLORR - ryhmissä tilaa, olopäiväkirja auki That way I have received back maybe hundreds my own cards written by someone else.

And @S_Tuulia What a great idea to ask strangers to write your cards! I will definitely try that next time it is possible to travel somewhere. I am not shy :smile:


Whaaat? So glad they have this group. Definitely going to try it out. Thanks for posting the link :blush:

You can also join the tags

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:
I’ll check it out tonight!

I find that I prefer postcards when they’re sent by someone else. Even pretty designs are prettier if they’re sent with thought and a message by someone else…but I admittedly, I bought two beautiful cards last year with the intent to send them, but ended up keeping them. They reminded me of some good memories from my childhood and now they’re propped up on my shelf in the bedroom. :slight_smile:

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I have cards that I hold onto for a little while because I am so excited to own them, but ultimately I would love for all of my postcards to enjoy the gift of travel. :airplane:


I usually keep my favorite postcards for some time… Sometimes they’re with me for a few months, sometimes for a several years. But in the end, I’m trying to send them all. I think it is kinda sad when postcards are not sent. I mean, it makes me sad. I think it is alright when people like some postcard so much, they simply can never send it to someone else, but it is not my way of doing it.

I think I made a mistake then buying postcards with art from one of my favorite artists! I definitely want to keep some for myself (because art prints are expensive!) and I think it’s okay to keep ones that make you happy. I have a cupboard for my art stuff that I pin up art and stuff that makes me happy.


There are only a few that I can’t bear to part with.

I try and buy copies so that I can send my favourites out but if it’s something I haven’t been able to get another one of I have a few that I’m holding onto :blush::love_letter::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I really like those cards so I bought them for myself as decoration. I have some copies of cards with cats for sending. I wonder if I also should buy another set of historical postman costumes. Don’t know if people would be interested :thinking:

I used to do that - keep blank cards for myself. As of now there are two topics that I collect where I do that. All other cards I send out. As my collection grew larger I focused on only collecting cards written and stamped from the country they are from so I have to be a bit harder on myself not to keep to many blank cards due to lack of space to store them.

Yes, I do.
I have a lovely “tin” with Christmas Glitter Greetings from Cavallini, and I’ve never sent one of those because they are too pretty.

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