Are there still beautiful engraved stamps in your country?

Sadly, for Singapore, no. It seems that we have stuck to Lithography and Offset printing, and just like Malaysia, we only have pre-independence stamps that are engraved, like the 1953 Coronation and 1948 KGVI issues. But fret not, Singapore issues beautiful stamps in the last few years, like the one below


You can still buy thhem until they are sold out?
In France, stamps are sold in the post office for one year only. After 12 months, they take all the unsold stamps, and throw them in the garbage… I was so shocked when the person at the post office explained this. He saw my face, and said “Oh, don’t worry, they are recycled”.
I am glad that you don’t do that in the Czech Republic… No idea if others countries do the same (when I was in Lithuania, I could buy stamps of 3 or 4 years old, so it wasn’t the case). It would be interesting to open a topic about it :smile:

You can still buy them until they are sold out?

Yes, at least one advantage not joining the Eurozone - all stamps denominated in CZK (Czech Koruna) are valid (AFAIK). :slight_smile:

Destroying so many beautiful stamps in France - it really shocked me. I have nothing agains French Marianne stamps, but… :slight_smile:

@philately65 That is a beautiful sheetlet. Thanks for sharing.

@Aguaroble that’s so sad that they simply discard the stamps after a year of sales! The Philatelic store by Singpost here in Singapore keeps its stock of mint stamps, FDCs, Postcards/ Maxicards and minisheets all the way from 2007/ 2008 til now!


But here in France, we can still use stamps dominated in Francs (excepted those of WW2 with the face of Pétain, who collaborated with the Nazis), it’s just that it’s impossible to buy them in official stores… It is still possible find some in other places, but they are sold for a much more expansive price…
I don’t know how Postal services determine which stamps people can or cannot use. When I was in Lithuania, it was forbidden to use stamps which were in Euro (knowing that Euro is the currency of Lithuania since 2015 only).

The thing is, stamp prices have gone up a lot, a lot. This means that to send a postcard abroad with this stamp, I would have to stick 17 copies… (and even 19 starting 2023)
By the way, this engraved stamp is very beautiful.


And are the maxicards / FDC very expansive compared to the price of the stamp?

Nope, maybe SGD 0.50 more for the paper and printing of the FDC above the face value of the stamp. Minisheets are 15c above the total face value of the stamp itself. Im not sure for maxicards, but they’re bout the same as FDCs.

Now only if they had a store nearer to me…
But on the other hand, having it far from me saves my wallet a little :rofl:

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Interesting! Here, (quite ugly) maxicards are sold around 4 euros for stamps which have a value of 1,16 euro… On the other hand, minisheets are sold at exactly the same price as “normal” stamps, and, if you go to a special store in Paris, you can get a First Day cover for not much more than the price of a normal stamp.
That’s the reason why I am creating my own Maxicards, that way I can save some money :smile:


but what? :smile: I do agree that they are a bit boring, but they are engraved too, and you can really feel it when you touch them.

Macron’s Marianne:

Hollande’s Marianne

Sarkozy’s Marianne

Chirac’s Marianne

And you know what; all of these Marianne will be destroyed in January 2023… It will be impossible to get these Marianne in post offices, instead, we’ll get these very charming and poetic stickers ;(


I was hoping to get this one, which is from fullerton, one of my favourite maxicards


Yea Here in China.We still issuing engraved stamps in now days. Welcome pm me for swap if you interested.

But I am more into this kind of relievo ones


My favourite Engraved Machin by cz. slania


Wow! I didn’t know Marianne’s where different under each president,
I love them like the UK Queen definitive stamps.

Noooo! They are being replaced by boring labels! :broken_heart:


No engraved stamps, but I remember a few years back we had beaded stamps. Let’s see if I can find a picture.

2008 SG Peranakan_s


Some months ago I found these beautiful “engraved” (they were offset prints of an engraved stamp) stamps issued in 2014. I bought as many as I could of the $470 one, but I have run out of them and haven’t been able to find any more :sob:

I have also found this block sheet, it went directly into my collection!


Whew, I thought it was only me being weird by feeling them up a bit!

(But I do beadwork so my fingertips like to feel texture)


These stamps are gorgeous! I don’t really understand what “relievo” means… Are these stamps engraved?