Are there still beautiful engraved stamps in your country?

Hello to all,
while looking at the stamps of the last cards I received, I noticed that they were all printed in offset (very smooth to the touch).
I have the impression that Western countries like Germany, UK (maybe because of the QR code on the stamp), USA and Canada only print in offset, while Asian countries seem to have stuck to the more traditional technique (and prettier for my taste :)).
So I was wondering if, in your countries, it is still possible to buy engraved stamps, with a slight relief to the touch and a great finesse of the design.
In France, it’s almost impossible to find them in normal post-offices… but that type of stamps are still prroduced.

Here is a reminder of the difference between engraved stamps (slight relief to the touch), like these

and offset stamps (smooth to the touch, almost like a sticker)


I can’t think of any recent issues of this type of stamp in Russia, but here’s my favourite Soviet stamp set. It’s beautiful and SO nice to the touch!


Finland has only sticker style offset printed stamps. I would prefer not sticker stamps.
In history, there were beautiful stamps just like that, that when you run your finger over it, you feel the ink parts. I think the historical stamps were much more interesting. But I don’t even know when this has changed. I also like the idea that the stamp image is carved and then printed with the plate I suppose.
Felt more like money and would feel more valuable :blush:


Not in Malaysia, the last one was probably issued even before Independence lol

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These are two I use very frequently, currently for sale at the USPS and they’re engraved. Every once in a while USPS does put out new engraved stamps. The 2019 Woodstock stamp comes to mind. I wish they were more common too


It’s been many many years since the US produced such stamps. With some notable exceptions, the USPS now prefers to issue humorous labels and stickers that masquerade as stamps. Sad.


I keep a sheet of the Statue of Freedom Stamps in my inventory to use on occasion. And I do find myself spending an extra few moments ‘making sure the stamp is secure’ :kissing_smiling_eyes: !


Now this thread will be my favourite:)
Cause i love engraved stamp,
Sadly India is not making any engraved stamps, but i have received many, and captured their beauty through my mobile:)
Greta Garbo Stamp from USA


Nothing exciting here.

I don’t think the UK’s Royal Mail have any Engraved (Intaglio) stamps anymore.

But I have this Machin Definitive stamp split from 1999 prestige stamp book about stamp printing processes.


Amazing! Feel free to share pictures of other stamps!
I don’t know Greta Garbo (I just know she’s a famous actress), but coincidentally, I saw this beautiful Swedish bill yesterday.
Engraved and beautiful too :heart:


What a great topic Léopold!

This is what I’ve discovered about Australia Post’s use of engraving or intaglio so far.

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Oh you i was gonna post that, don’t worry will post My favourite machin- engraved by slania in depth view soon;)

Nice banknote:)

Hello there, long ago India used make Engraved stamps, and they were the best colour combination, it’s 1950s definitive series depicting Taj Mahal


The American Christmas stamp of 1969. The USPS wouldn’t know how to make a stamp like that these days.


Sadly no. I think this the last relief stamp minisheet issued in Finland (2008). A source says it was printed offset, but you can see that the portraits are reliefs.

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80 cents stamps in 2008? Wow, stamps’ prices increased a lot!

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Czech post left these “oldfashioned” ways of printing in 2018. I feel the same as you, these stamps are just so pleasant to touch!

Unfortunately, some of the series has not kept its way of print, e. g. the flower series

and others are printed using rotary steel printing technique, but

are printed using full offset.

You can still buy these old stamps - until they are sold out.


These stamps were (dry) embossed, same as you would write with inkless pen, there is relief.

The historic engraved are like this:

Here the image is carved to a plate, the grooves filled with ink, and then pressed to postage paper.
I really like this technique and am sad it’s not used in stamps anymore.
You clearly feel the raised ink parts, that transferred to the paper.


Here is the glue side where it’s also visible, and seen how it’s made with pressure, I like this side too :slight_smile:

(OT, but did UK have a white stamp with embossed image like this? So no colours?)