Are any of these stamps?

I’m having difficulty distinguishing if any of these are stamps. Can anyone help?

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those are cinderella stamps. they aren’t worth anything but maybe some collectors are interested


Thank you!

What are Cinderella stamps?

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they look like stamps but arent ones. I think I saw an explanation somewhere on here. I didnt know either

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Thank you so much for your help!

Here’s some more on Cinderella stamps. Youtuber and Philatelist Graham Beck. Explains everything philately in his channel. You might end up binge watching his whole channel. He presents it in a way that is fun and informative. Kids can grasp it and adults don’t find it boring.

Here’s his video on Cinderella stamp/labels.

A true postage stamp will have a denomination (either a price or rate), more modern stamps have the year they were issued, and the name of the country either in English, French, or their official language or native language.

Cinderella’s don’t.


This is awesome! Thank you

Another category of Cinderella stamps are artistamps.
You can see some I made the other day here:

Thanks for sharing that great explanatory video, @princeofasturias!

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the ones that got the stamp edges on all 4 sides are just stickers( or cinderella stamps, but I don’t think they are even cinderella stamps, just stickers in my opinion) the long ones are sides of a stamp sheet. You know, same as USPS stamp sheets, after you used up a whole sheet, there are pretty tops or sides that are adhesive but not stamps.