Anyone got all the US states and states of other countries?

What I like most about Postcrossing is receiving mail from all over the world. Being a bit of a box ticker, I’m definitely on a mission to complete the 50 states (or is it 51?). I actually printed out a map of the territories and I mark them off when a card arrives from America. As I’m fairly new, I only have half a dozen states so far.

Has anyone got the lot? Do you do something similar for other countries? (I also have a list of the Canadian Provinces). Or do you file by country only and not subdivide?

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Since you asked, I have nearly every state in my stock. Either a view or a map. Some states I have heavier numbers, like Florida, California, Oregon, Georgia, Virginia, etc. Probably the most sought-after state where I count my cards on one hand is Rhode Island.


If you like things like this I can only recommend you to have a look at the #games-activities:bingo section! It’s a lot of fun competing with others in completing a set goal (like receiving and sending a card to every US state)


By getting a card from ever state do you mean you want postcards that are from that state and are state themed? or just from the state?

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Just from someone living in that state. Doesn’t necessarily have to be state themed. If no indication of the state is on the card or in the text I’ll lightly pencil in a reference.

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Ah ok. You know that’s a good idea, I might try that myself! I am new to Postcrossing and I already have New York, Alabama, and Michigan.

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Thats funny because I was looking through the state cards I’ve been sent yesterday and thinking how cool it would be to have enough to create the map of the US. So far i have 5 state maps. I think so far I have over 20 States that I’ve received postcards from.

As @Cassiopheia said, the Bingo forum is for you! Come on in!


I also do this. But I don’t differentiate between sent and received cards. So far I haven’t interacted with members from Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota and Rhode Island.

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I actually have received a postcard from every single US state (+ Washington), but I’m still waiting to get an address in Montana and Wyoming. There simply aren’t many active postcrossers living in these states … :wink:

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If anyone needs Missouri or California, let me know. Happy to send to you.

I never really calculated this before, but I looked at my map from the regular postcrossing site & changed it to only show my received cards.

I know this isn’t necessarily 100% accurate because sometimes people will travel and send a postcard from a different state without actually marking that info in the website, but still a pretty cool feature to be able to have an easy visual like this where you can zoom and see state lines.


Hello. That’s a really cool thing to do. Also it’s 50 by the way. (Not trying to be rude I’m just saying in case you care) I live in America but I still like getting postcards from America. I have cards from, Wyoming, New Jersey, New York and a few other places. I send postcards featuring my state all the time

I have a question are you talking about Washington D.C or the state Washington? Just curious

D. C. :wink: Washington state is, of course, one of the 50 states and I wouldn’t have mentioned it separately.

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I think I’m missing 8 states

North Dakota
South Dakota
Rhode Island
New Hampshire

I’m amazed how many postcards I have from people right on the borders between states :slight_smile:

My busiest cities seem to be
Los Angeles
Washington DC

I love looking at Stats :smiley:

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I would be happy to send anyone a postcard from South Dakota. It wouldnt be an “official assigned” card though. If you want one send me a private message. It is fun for me to help fill missing South Dakota and Iowa ( I live only 1 mile from Iowa) state cards.

Going back to the original question, I do this for all countries with some variations in precision.

I use Mapchart and keep a global map with countries, then regional maps with first level divisions and also some additional maps, Germany for the districts, France for the Départements, Russia to have both Europe and Asia.


Be sure to indicate in your profile that you want state map cards…I always keep some on hand just in case I draw a member who wants them!

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I have an A3 map of the States which I’m using to keep track of my American cards. Seven so far - Washington, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts & Maryland.

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