All about sticker postcards

[All about sticker postcards]

Are sticker postcards something from the past? Do you remember them? Or did you see one recently?
If I go treasure hunting in second hand shops thriftshop charity shop year markets etc those sticker postcards are on my target list.

Is there already a topic about this? Sticker AND postcard gave too many hits to check.


I don’t remember sticker postcards, but I’ve got one and have no idea where I’ve got it.

I’ve had some Moomin sticker cards, but have sent all of them.


I have one from the end of the 70th or beginning of 80th:

sticker postcard

… not sure, if the sticker would still stick somewhere though …
It shows the emblem of the German Bundesland (Bundesland: part/federal state) Schleswig-Holstein.

Searching a bit in the internet, it seems that there are also new offers on the market.
So shouldn’t be difficult to find some.


Hmm, I received some modern sticker cards from Germany not too long ago:

And bought some cards in Finland too:

Sent them but never sticked mine anywhere of course :thinking: Also there were some vintage sticker cards in my received collection where whole picture is a sticker


Cool. I never heard of them, but I like it!


I found awesome sticker postcards in local art museum and cherry blossoms on my trip

and then I bought a few online


Moomins sticker cards :scream_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

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Oooo. Never heard of them. But I would love to get one. I will keep my eyes open for these while thrifting.

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Hello everyone! I was just looking through my sticker collection from back when I was a child and discovered a few ad-sticker-cards - I have 8 available if someone in this thread would like to swap (preferably meetup cards) :slight_smile:
They are mostly in german, because as said, they were used for advertising - of the one with the text snippets I have a few more, but there I used some of the stickers :wink:

@HM @Saint @ChocCrossie @Xute @DawnMarie3203 @marora @Selena @HappyLoo


Actually I sent a sticker postcard in June and it got registered only a few days ago!

Funny coincidence!


I don’t have any meet up cards, but if you’d like to swap for something I have - mostly animal cards - some artwork. I like the yellow card or the yellow and blue card. I don’t have an album but I have cats, dogs, birds, farm animals, dinosaur learning cards (writing on both sides, it’d have to be sent in an envelope - I had ordered for someone’s son and they decided they didn’t want to wait until I could get them). Let me know.

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@DawnMarie3203 i sent you a message :slight_smile:

Sticker postcards are easy to buy here, usually with the Swiss flag or cantonal symbols, but I rarely send them as they are not usually mentioned on profiles.

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Only the top one is a sticker card, but I found these at the Zurich airport! Going to be completely honest but I didn’t even know they were a thing until then. This was also the trip where I discovered there are postcards that are literal puzzles. I feel like they would give me a lot of anxiety as they go through the mail, but I love them as a concept.


Hello, Which shop in Finland did you get those? I would love to have those! :slight_smile:

It was more than 10 years ago, somewhere in the center of Helsinki :grin:

Omg never heard of those! Since i collect stickers i would love to receive them some day! :smiley:

When I visited my uncle in Germany last year, I found sticker cards. They were much more expensive than regular tourist cards. I don’t remember exactly, since I was always converting Euros to US Dollars in my brain and I don’t like math.

I have sent some original Disney sticker cards.

I sent them in envelopes, because they would otherwise be damaged by postal machine handling.

I don´t have any sticker cards left and I have not find them in shops anymore. Maybe they are something from the past?

I saw Moomin sticker cards in book shop, but was thinking the stickers will get stuck somewhere maybe and also it was nearly 3 Euros a card, not that special. (Like a postcard size stickers sheet that you mail.)

But sometimes there was the Moomin cards where you could remove the whole image, I think it was static sticker, removable, easy to put on laptop etc. or just keep in the card and it still looked like a card, I liked those.