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There has been a price increase that was published in the May 30th gazette. I’m only learning of this now and I thought I’d share it here. I believe the new changes are already in effect but the IndiaPost website (rate calculator) doesn’t reflect these changes.

Edit: New rates can be viewed under the ‘Tariff’ tab:

Postcard Rates

Surface Mail

- Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan - 8 Rs
- APPU Countries(Except Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan) - 10 Rs
- UPU Countries(Except APPU Countries) - 12 Rs


- Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan - 10 Rs
- Other countries - 15 Rs

Letter Rates

Surface Mail

- USA - Upto 20gms - 32Rs
For every additional 20 gms - 22Rs

- Countries except USA - Upto 20gms- 25 Rs
For every additional 20 gms - 15 Rs


Air surcharge table:

Based on this, airmail rates look to be

USA (upto 20gms) - 40Rrs
Australia (upto 20gms) - 33Rs
Countries in Asia (upto 20gms )- 29Rs
Countries in Europe (upto 20gms) - 30Rs
Countries in Africa (upto 20gms) - 30Rs
Countries in South America (upto 20gms) - 35Rs


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Yes that’s true… 2 days ago I sent birthday RR and it’s cost me a lot

USA/ Canada -39 ₹
European Union - 29 ₹
Africa - 29 ₹

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The cost of sending postcards still remain the same, I believe, at ₹12 to most countries.

Hi Postcrossers,

I am new to postcrossing and just posted my first set of postcards. The post office asked me to put Rs 30 stamps on cards to Europe and Asia and a Rs 40 stamp for cards to the US.

Is this right? I see that the post office website says that international postcards need Rs 15 stamps.

Will my postcard go by airmail automatically or should I have written ‘by airmail’ on them?

Thank you so much.

Hi @amitoj, welcome to Postcrossing!

15 rupees is the postage for a postcard. The prices you have been quoted is for an envelope.
Writing ‘Airmail’ on the postcard doesn’t make a difference as international mail is mostly sent by air.


Thank you so much for that.

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Thanks for the wonderful info. @anon12838227

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In India Rs. 7/- postage is sufficient, but lot of members are affixing higher value of stamp and causing loss to themselves.

Please let me know, your stamp value and need any information

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Postage for sending card internationally is 15rs for airmail and 12rs for surface mail

And postage for sending card inside india is 6rs


It is only 7 Rupees…

If you are paying ₹7, you are underpaying. The International Airmail Post Card tariff is ₹15 (except Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan, where it is ₹10). Please check the official rates here, under the Tariff tab.


I do always surafce mail which is 7 rupees per card

So please check the information here, I never underpay or overpay the postages.

The link you’ve shared doesn’t appear to contain the updated tariff information. India Post revised its postal rates in May 2022. Revised rates can be found in this issue of The Gazette of India. Below, I’ve listed the revised postcard rates for your convenience:

For Surface Mail Postcard (refer page number 8):

  • Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan: ₹8.00
  • APPU Countries (Except Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan): ₹10.00
  • UPU Countries (Except APPU Countries): ₹12.00

For Air Mail Postcard (refer page number 9):

  • Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan: ₹10.00
  • Other countries: ₹15.00

Oh, Thanks for this information, I am not aware of this gazette and postcards are getting delivered with old postage itself.

I will increase my stamps from next time. However, the Government has discouraged postcrossing with hefty stampage for mere postcard.

This needs to be criticized.

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I wanted to inquire if india post delivers to pakistan… My local post office denied it while the website does provide the postage rate for the same.

Hi Sidhant,
You can check here :+1:t4:

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Yes i did… It does show pakistan on the list but 4 yrs ago the services were resumed then god knows what is the scene now…