Advice for a newbie whose postcards aren't arriving?

Hello. . . I joined Postcrossing in September 2020 and got off to a great start. However, since November (with one exception), every single postcard I’ve mailed hasn’t made it to it’s destination. Several have expired and others (even domestic) are nearing expiration. I live in a large suburb and have never had issues with outgoing mail in the past. I am feeling somewhat discouraged though as I still can’t send many postcards since I am so new. Advice appreciated! Cheers.


Dumb Q, but have to ask: Are you using $1.20 worth of stamps for international addresses?

And are you using the same collection point, like your home mailbox? Maybe try a blue drop box or your post office to see if your luck changes.


Our postal systems are under a lot of stress worldwide since the pandemic began (and some were pretty stressed pre-pandemic too) - There are a lot more COVID19 outbreaks now at postal stations which is slowing things down plus a huge number of longer lockdowns worldwide. And remember the US made major cuts to your postal system last year.

We’re going to get expert at being patient.

I’d try a different post box & see if that makes any difference & you can do direct swaps, tags or other games on here as well while you’re waiting for your official cards to arrive.

We need to thank our postal workers for doing all that they do.

Factors affecting postal delivery:

*Increase in number & length of lockdowns worldwide

*COVID-19 outbreaks in sorting plants,

*cuts to postal services - big cuts in the US

*huge increase in volume of parcels via online shopping because of the pandemic,

*fewer flights for mail to travel on as well,

*COVID-19 precautions which take more time & reduce processing speed,

*lack of staff replaced or enough extra staff hired to handle increased volumes,

*plus Christmas & other holiday rushes

*bad management including bad work processes & work structures in some countries


Not a dumb question - thanks for asking. Absolutely - I am an avid stamp collector and stocked up on international stamps before I joined Postcrossing. I have been only mailing from my home mailbox, so I’ll try a different collection point. Thanks for the suggestion!


Maybe an idea when you send out from a different mailbox/point: also send a card to a friend or relative at the same time. When that one arrives, you know the mail is travelling from that particular mailbox as it should do.


Also. The post in certain countries is kind of hit or miss. One day its fast then next thing you know it slow or not functioning at all. Certain countries have resumed lockdown.

I am brand new also. I joined the end of January. I have mailed out 5 and am trying to patiently await their delivery to the recipient. Key word is trying!

I mail mine from the post office. I personally think at times letters/postcards get lost from the mail carriers vehicle to the post office. :red_car:

I am also an active stamp collector. Send me a pm if you want to send letters or postcards directly. I usually have a good stash of stamps on hand for mailing. I may have just the stamp you are looking for.


When I really want to send a postcard, I arrange a lottery or exchange on the forum. Maybe this will help you too? Previously, I did not know about this opportunity and I was sad.


Hi, I started Postcrossing in the middle of January and sent 11 cards. 6 did not arrive and I am waiting and waiting. Can I do anything to get new adresses?

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Some advices. Dont use inks which are bleeding.Ill print out the adresses and put scotch tape over it.


In which Country? Because of corona its sometimes travels longer.

I am from Germany. Thanks for the advices! Perhaps I have to be patient… not so easy, when you just started :wink:

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Unfortunately no, but you can participate in #games-activities or #trades-requests-offers on this forum.

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Haha I feel you. I actually started on the same date as you did! And I am also from Germany.

My cards to the countries close by arrived really fast. But now I have to wait for those that go to the countries further away: USA, Russia, Belarus, Australia and China! That just takes a while. Especially now that due to the pandemic less planes are traveling.

But I sent a few cards via the trading part of the forum and received a few in return :slight_smile: But I am also really looking forward to the time when I am allowed to send more cards at once - because I really enjoy creating them.


Hi @fostercavettes , I feel your pain as I have three due to expire tomorrow (Russia, Belarus and Moldova) :frowning: I think it’s just been unfortunate timing with Covid restrictions and postal workers catching up from the increased mailing in December. If you want to PM me your address I’m happy to send you a card while you wait for your official cards. Mail from UK to USA can take a couple of weeks but at least my cards get there :smile:


Thank you for the links! Perhaps I’ll try this.

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Nice to read, that you are in the similar situation and thank you for your friendly answer, Lyra!

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Mail seems to be moving slowly to certain destinations. Cards to Germany are arriving after a few days but I’ve got one travelling to the Czech Republic that’s been on the go for nearly 40 days. Taiwan and Indonesia even longer. I recently got one from Turkey that took three months! Luckily, having a 10-card allowance means there’s usually a couple in the list that travel quickly. I guess the original poster has to exercise patience, but I understand the frustration.


The advice about pens is spot on! I only realized ink was bleeding on some cards by accident, so I covered everything but the stamps in tape. No I use a different pen Fingers crossed those make it!

I had a postcard from PA to OR go through NJ (to be cancelled) and I can watch packages just bop around the system from distribution center to distribution center (and sometimes back again before delivery). Mail is so inconsistent and extremely frustrating.

If you want more postcards, swapping is a great way to do it. I’d be happy to send you a card if you send a pm with your address. Offer open to anyone in waiting for mail purgatory!

16 of your cards have arrived at their destination!