✅ Advertisement overlapping the who's online on mobile

Just to warn of this little problem for those who access via smartphone.

I cannot reproduce the problem on all my mobile devices.

Looks like a 300 × 600 half page ad was loaded, which it shouldn’t given the size limitation on page.

Probably a problem with Google Ads. It should go away if you refresh.

Is this with the Discourse Hub app, or with a mobile web browser?

Either way, that’s an odd ad size to show as it doesn’t seem to be one of the sizes we configured. I hope it has been a one time glitch of sorts. If it keeps happening, please leave a message here again. Thanks!

It is with the App.

Let us know if it keeps happening and send more screenshots if possible. Obrigado!

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It never happened again … but the images have always been square.

@paulo happened again today

I’m using the app on my smartphone

If you may, can you click on the “x” on the top right of the ad and click “Send feedback” and report this ad as “Ad covered content”?

It’s a problem with Google Ads.

It is a problem with Google Ads … but it is boring.
Appeared now again … I sent feedback


@RuiH17 Thank you for reporting it. Banners with that size should not appear so something is amiss. It is my to do list look into the ads and those screenshots help.

You mentioned that you were using Discourse Hub app. What kind of mobile device were you using and what is the version of operating system that it’s currently running?

This could be a problem caused by your local Google Ads setting or device policy.

Just would like to add that the 728x90 banner ad on Community homepage (desktop view) is also not working correctly. It shows up as a blank space.
(Guess I am the one of the few people who disable adblock for Postcrossing)

Edit: It’s intermittent. Sometimes the ad would display but sometimes it would not.

It happend before as I saw there is a ( now closed) other topic about that issue.

We haven’t made any changes to the ads on the forum recently, so I suspect it’s an isolated problem with that banner (or advertiser). If it happens again, can you please use the icon on the top right corner of the banner (the little blue triangle) and send feedback about it: one of options should be “ad covered content”. That should get google to look into it. Thank you!


Hi, an ad has just done this to me. I’m using the app on an Android phone (Galaxy S10). There was no box or blue arrow to click on to close or report.

The vast majority of the ads (if not all?) should have the blue little triangle on the corner — do you ever see it on the banners of the forum?

The reason I ask is that if the never (or rarely) show show the blue triangle, then it may something on your device replacing our ads with someone else’s. Although, normally that wouldn’t be showing serious ads like those.

There hasn’t been further reports on this, so I assume whatever was the problem has been fixed, so I’m closing this. If someone bumps into this again, please flag this post and ask for it to be reopened.

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Today an ad keeps overlapping the first topics each time I choose the category “New”. It lookslike this:

I’m surfing with my android smartphone, using the Firefox browser.

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