✅ Advertisement overlapping the who's online on mobile

It just happened again - but first, loading the category “New” did produce an ad positioned correctly above the topics. After opening one topic and going back (without loading the category anew), the ad was positioned over the remaining topics again.

Edit: I just noticed that it also happens at the end of a topic.

I’m not 100% sure, but if you scroll down through the topics in the ‘bugs’ area you will find previous discussions about this happening.

I think you can also hit the tiny blue cross at one side of the advert, then hit ‘stop seeing this ad’, and then select ‘ad covers content’…or words to this effect.

This is one post where I think it has been discussed before…


Thanks a lot @Tinkatutu for the hint, I hadn’t seen the old topic related to the same problem.

I’ve alerted the mods in the old topic, as @paulo advised.

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I tried to reproduce it but like with previous reports, this seems specific to specific an advertiser/banner and it only shows to some (eg: might be geo-targeted).

We haven’t made any layout or advertisement changes recently (just colors/background for the winter theme), and judging from past reports, this is likely an issue on Google’s side.

Usually it goes away by itself quickly, but what @Tinkatutu mentioned should also help: using the blue ⤬ on the top right of the banner and then use the “stop seeing this ad” might — that should make it work correctly sooner and should give feedback to Google on what not to allow in terms of size.

That said, please report if it continues to happen after a few days.