Adjusting font size and place

Hello! Anyone knows the set of BB code for adjusting word size/font or in the middle/left etc?
The original BB code I used to use on the old forum doesn’t seem to work here in full.

Thanks! ^^

Sub- and super-script? There are not that many formatting options in this forum.

I don’t think you can align text with Markdown and I’m not sure if BBcode is supported in this forum. You’ll have to use HTML tags by using the attribute ‘align’ and you can use the heading tags(h1 to h6) to adjust the size.

<div align="center"><h1>Welcome</h1></div>
<div align="right"><h2>Welcome</h2></div>
<div align="left"><h3>Welcome</h3></div>





Some bbcode works here, as well as some html.

For text size, it’s possible to use markdown headings (here’s a markdown reference a here’s a 10m tutorial).

I’ve tried to collect all the formatting hints I stumbled upon so far.
You can see the collection in the German FAQ. The URL will take you directly to the correct place. Even though it’s in German I’m sure you will understand the table (the hidden text under the table has more formatting informations for things that didn’t fit into the table).

(Much of the information I put in there was first posted by @anon12838227 somewhere else - thanks a lot!)

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