Sub- and super-script?

How do you do sub and superscript? I wanted it the other day when writing a chemical formula. NH3 for instance, the 3 should be subscript.




Thank you :clap: :clap:

Is there a list of codes somewhere? I had a look at Forum User Guide and but those lists are short - the sub/superscript codes are not there, for instance.

well, the problem with these lists is that some BBCode and HTML tags work here too. Those mentioned above are HTML snippets (which are obviously not included in a markdown guide).

They might act strangely when combined with Markdown (in a single post)

I’ve found one not listed.
It doesn’t work with bold and italics.

This link might help you:

Thanks @ana_karp, @Cassiopheia and @SailingBy, I collected all text formatting options I stumbled upon in the forum in the German FAQ: Textformattierungen

See what I collected so far - in German, though.

Even though the text is in German you should be able to understand the code :wink:

Formattierung Code
bold <b>bold</b> [b]bold[/b] **bold**
kursiv <i>kursiv</i> [i]kursiv[/i] *kursiv* _kursiv_
Text durchstreichen: ~~durchstreichen~~ [s]durchstreichen[/s]
unterstreichen [u]unterstreichen[/u]
rot <del>rot</del>
grün <ins>grün</ins>
tiefgestellt <sub>tief</sub>gestellt
hochgestellt <sup>hoch</sup>gestellt
<div align="left">links</div>
<div align="center">mitte</div>
<div align="right">rechts</div>
Weitere Formattierungsmöglichkeiten

Schriftgrößen ändern mit Hilfe von Überschriften

(Ggf. wird das Resultat hier im versteckten Text nicht richtig angezeigt.)

# Überschrift 1

## Überschrift 2

### Überschrift 3

wird zu:

Überschrift 1

Überschrift 2

Überschrift 3

Das ‘#’ muss am Zeilenanfang stehen und danach muss ein Leerzeichen stehen.


> Blockmarkierung wird zu:


Für mehr Markdown-Formattierungstipps gibt es ein kurzes, englischsprachiges Tutorial.


red here
So red text isn’t red, it’s highlighted in red? (and why does ‘del’ mean ‘red’?)

This immediately reminds me of a song It’s A Mystery by Toyah. :smiley:

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I think those originally ar optins are options for correcting codescript or text :wink:

I could be wrong, but I can’t see many people using strikethrough, underline, red, green, superscript or subscript because they’re too much trouble, and aren’t on the panel above me as I type. :pensive:

Yes, of course, they are trouble as you have to learn the script and type every command manually. But if you want more text formatting, you have some options.
I’m pretty sure it’s not intended that those are used a lot :wink: Otherwise they would be accessible in the options menu.

I’m sure that most people don’t know about these options.

ok, I’ve got another question but I’d better put it somewhere else.