🖼️ About Postcard Wall Images: Are these allowed✅ or not❌?


Thank you, everyone, for your opinion and knowledge of the TOS. :grinning:

So I guess I will use these types of images whenever possible.

After I posted this thread, I visited the Palace of Mafra with the family.

Needless to say, I bought some postcards at the palace and took a picture of them with their specific depiction.

I’ll share them with you:

I’ll send two of these tomorrow from the Post Office next to the palace.

I hope you and the postcard recipients like the pictures.


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Wow! I really love the Mafra photo with the matching postcard.
I know maxi-cards, now we see a maxi-picture. :smiley: Good idea!


You may have coined a term: Maxipic:exclamation: :wink:


Do what you want. Your card, your postage.

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Your unique way of photographing your postcard images is certainly permissible, and in fact a somewhat similar postcard wall has even been featured on the Postcrossing blog. I’d say by all means go for it.

As for uploading a small gallery for one card, that’s not possible, but you can create a simple collage of a few different views of one card and upload it as one image. I once sent two “official” cards to a Postcrosser (who has become a friend), who asked for old and new views of the same place, and I uploaded both cards as one image.


How cool of Sean to do that with the cards. It’s the ultimate way to honor the postcard and the sender.

Great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?

I could upload something like this:

Hmmmm… or maybe just the “Maxipic” would look better:

What do you think?


I think it would be really awesome if someone did this.

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Very nice, thank you for the link!

I think only the maxipic is better because the uploaded images in the gallery are quite small. It would be difficult to see what is in the picture. I absolutely love the idea btw and your execution is amazing!

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Thank you so much! :smiley:

The photographer Kenneth Josephson is well-known for such images.


I used to do things like that when I sent postcards with vintage images. I think it will be interesting for the recipient to receive a postcard, which depicts a corner of my city, as it was a hundred years ago. When he registers the card, he will see how this place looks now.


I do that when send to myself, didn’t try here yet. But I do like this way to record too :blush:


@rachelwang0118, @Ruten @Idler, and everyone who wants to showcase their “Maxipics” (or however you want to call them).

I started a new thread for people to showcase their maxiphotos here:

Show Your Maxipics (Maximum Pictures)

Feel free to participate! :smiley:


I sometimes favourite pictures (the maxipics) on official site not because I like the postcard itself, but the photo and the effort of presenting. It feels as creating more connection between postal carton and real place

I always thought, it’d be fun if someone self printed such photo as a postcard (with postcard depicted on it!) and then send it, making and uploading the photo of the new iteration of the postcard… and then maybe more and more recursion


I thought of that too. And making a personalized stamp of it, stick it on the image side, thus creating a Maxicard. What would that be called? A Super-Hyper Maximum Card Picture?
Kinda those infinite reflections when you have two mirrors facing each other…
It’s too much, my mind got lost with all the image iterations lol


I always try to get “just the card” but recently got a picture that was artistically placed on a table with a pen and flowers nearby, and I thought it was a great idea! This is such a fun idea! Now I hope to receive one like this some day :slight_smile:


I love that idea! I have sent a card to someone who then uploaded a picture of himself holding the card in nature. When I looked at his profile, he does that with all his received cards, I think it is a great idea!

I absolutely love it! And someone said that if the recipient chooses to they can always overwrite the postcard image with a scan of the card. If it were me, I prefer your Source photo. :owl:

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