Aberdeen WA Meet up February 17th 2024 (In honor of Kurt Cobain)

@Buzel I saw you at the last meet-up in January. This is me confirming again that I will be there on Saturday, and I believe I ordered and paid for 20 cards (correct me if I’m wrong). See you this weekend!

Got it!

Yes I have 20 cards reserved and paid for under your name



  • Please see the google doc, I have 51 people accounted for and that’s not what the numbers reflect.
  • All +1’s that I’m aware if are currently accounted for.
  • I have some spaces on hold but we are close to capacity so you be turned away if you don’t RSVP or inform us of any +1’s.
  • All +1’s are located under your username and I have removed everyone who said they can no longer attend.


  • There are cards left, please let me know if you plan on getting any and how many so I can be ready for this weekend. Cash is accepted but chance isn’t guaranteed

Food is allowed in the room and there is a sink. Please feel free to bring some treats to share. I will try and pick up a thing or two before the event.

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Hi, I asked for ten but never actually paid for them. I’m sorry! Is it too late to reserve 10. I posted in the puget sound postcrossing group on fb. Hopefully I won’t forget to check this post for a reply.

I will pay by PayPal if that’s ok.

And where is the google doc you reference to in your comment 1 day ok? I don’t think I have filled it out.

Ok I scrolled thru the comments. I am on the google doc and found that. I also sent money to the PayPal you gave me from an older comment. I hope you received it.

Looking foreard to the meetup. Thank you!

I have received your payment and updated the doc! Can’t wait to see you :slight_smile:

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Question for any locals to the area- know of any places where we might be able to stop and purchase cute postcards? It’ll be my first time on the Washington coast so I’d love to have some for the memories :slight_smile:


Please sign me up! And I’d like 10 postcards if it’s not too late to get some.

I’ll be there!

will pickup seachanges cards an cut my order to 25 if that is possible, see you at the meeting, happy valentine day

Hi all! I have a friend coming in to town, so I won’t be able to attend after all. My 10 cards can be made available to others.

See you at the next one!! I’m thinking I might go to the Portland meetup in April.

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I sent a Venmo to Charissa. I had already paid Buzel in cash but I would rather double pay than have Richard42 not be able to get my cards for me. I can only imagine this is a lot to keep track of. I just wish I could be there. I thank the hosts and hope everyone has a great time!

Hello, I’ll bring a few snacks!

I’m also wanting to make sure I understand correctly that it’s ok to bring postcards, stationery, and washi tape we don’t want so others can freely take if they’re interested?

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my first meetup too!

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thank you for putting all of this together! it will be my first meetup, and i am excited!

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I have been thinking of hosting one - it will probably take place in Spring in Bothell. :slight_smile:

I have never hosted one before, so I am trying to secure the location and get postcards setup prior to officially announcing. I want to make sure I do not break any rules. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi! Just sent my Venmo purchase in for 20 postcards. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, Thanks so much, Joan Morris (jmorris)

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Unfortunately, I woke up not feeling well, so I’m not going to be able to make it. Sorry for the last minute notice! Feel free to give my cards away :cry:

Great time today! Thanks for the hard work @Buzel and @MuddyPawsPost!

Hilariously when I got home I drew the address of another meetup attendee.


Now what are the chances?!? That’s pretty cool :slight_smile: