A postcard you didn’t know you wanted until you received it

Aside from your usual preferences what postcards did you get about something you didn’t know you liked before?


I wish for view card but I never specifically ask for open bridge. I received 2 open bridge cards and they both are beautiful

I wish for New Yorker cover but one of the person who drew my address didn’t have it instead she introduced me to Saturday Evening Post. I love it. It has became my new wish.


Thanks so much for sharing.


Recently i received a card with a Carl Larsson painting on it and it became my new obsession, it speaks to me in a way that i don’t know how to describe.


@PleiadianDragon: great idea for a topic!

I’m fairly new at postcrossing and found it strange at first for people to have such long wish lists of cards they are collecting. I like nature and landscapes and just wanted people to send me that. But then people from Japan and Taiwan started sending me food postcards and I realize I love that!! Sushi and all kinds of Asian foods.

And then other people started sending cards from the “Greetings from…” series and I realized these are also really nice to collect.

And now my wish list is getting longer and longer too. And I am also starting to collect cards. So funny how that flipped on me haha


I was recently sent some Lantern Press postcards:

And I honestly didn’t realise they existed and now I want to have more of them! I hope I’m lucky enough to receive more!


Would love to do a postcard exchange with you! Have some postcards of delish dishes from Singapore :slight_smile:

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I prefer to not have a wish list (because I need all that space to talk about myself), but I have been collecting the cards I like on my wall. It only has the ones I have received, and the illustrated city views and tourist cards really surprised me! I had no idea I would like them. US-6641008, NL-4643392 and HK-671339 I have on my wall now, and I think there are few more in the pile waiting to be scanned and added.

The exact opposite happened to me! I heard about them, was curious and then got one and just realized that it is not my thing. Added a note about that in my profile, because I heard they are bit more expensive (and wanted) so I thought it is better to not waste them on me.


Oh strange! But good to know and glad you added it to your profile to save people from the expense. That’s very considerate of you.

I had the same! Actually about every illustrations. A few years back I wrote on my wall that I prefer photos instead of illustrations especially when it comes to tourist cards. Now it’s totally different!


i guess it depends on where you live and how much cards cost in your country. for me cards from postallove are actually cheaper than i usually pay for a card at a dutch (web)shop.

ontopic, i got to know beatrix potter cards through postcards. the first one i received was one with cats because i love cats and i immediately fell in love with the illustrations.
also at the beginning i said i love cards with owls (i don’t remember why, i’m not that big of a fan of owls) and someone send me a card with a puffin. she said ‘i didnt have any cards with an owl so im sending you this puffin’ never heard of puffins before but now i love puffins! oh and blue cats by rina zeniuk, also a fan thanks to postcrossing.
it’s why i try to not be too specific on my profile, i feel like i would miss out on a lot of beautiful things if i did.


Thanks to Postcrossing I started to love Inga Paltser’s illustrated owls.


I received an art card by Camilla d’Errico. She does pop surrealism and it’s very unusual. I’m surprised I like it so much and have become a little addicted to her artwork.

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I did not like receiving the same postcard that I already have. Then I decided to put them together as twins or triplets in my collection and then it became a nice surprise…


What do you mean by twins/ triplets?
I would have kept them because they were from different people with different messages. How long have you been collecting?

Nice idea for a thread, @PleiadianDragon :blush:

I couldn’t have imagined what a Postcrossing Meeting postcard was like before I received one, but I really like seeing the collection of signatures and personalised stamps that people add to the message side of the card. They remind me of autograph books!


Road signs!

And also this doodly one, I absolutely love it.

When I hear “postcard” I usually think of one with a photo of something but these two are amoung my favourites.


The Hamburg one is beautiful. I love Nautical postcards!

This is one of the earliest I received and I love it. My profile mentions I’m American but what it doesn’t say is that I grew up in an area surrounded by dairy farms of Holstein cows, so this sender must have had some strong intuition. Having this with me now when I’m all the way across the world is just great. :cow2:


For me it’s Maxicard. I have no idea about it until I received one from Australia and it’s really nice. Because of it, I bought myself a series of maxicards recently and I think I’ll get more in the future.

And also, I want to get more cards with western arts on them after receiving these two cards.