9 December 2023: Cozy Boston, MA Meet-Up

Hello! Excited to have you and your mom join us for the meet up! I will reserve 10 cards for you as well! Looking forward to meeting you both soon!

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Likewise! We can’t wait.:hugs: Will there be a sign at a table for us to be on the look out for?

I’ll try to have some balloons or a sign to make sure we are easily visible!


This will be my first meetup and I’m excited to be able to attend. Can I reserve 4 cards.


Happy to have you join us! I will reserve 4 cards for you!

Hi I would like to reserve 10 cards. Thanks!


Sure thing, I will put you down for 10 cards! See you in a few weeks!

WOW. I had not idea there was a group in Boston. Count me in. I will definitely be there.


Looking forward to seeing you at the meet up!

So awesome to have all these new faces joining us!! Can’t wait to meet you all.

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I’m looking forward to seeing old and new friends.

You probably already ordered the cards, @MailedByMsNik, but any chance I can get 5 more?


Of course @fionat, I can put you down for 5 more cards!

Thanks so much, @MailedByMsNik !

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So excited to finally find a local meetup that works with my schedule! I’m planning to attend and can’t wait to meet some fellow Postcrossers! If it’s not too late I would love to reserve 15 cards @MailedByMsNik

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Hello Everyone,
Sadly, I won’t be able to make it. I’m having transportation issues.

Have fun everyone,


Excited to meet you this weekend! I will put you down for 15 cards!

Would love to attend this as my first ever Postcrossing meetup! Would like to reserve 15 cards if possible, if not, no worries. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Hi @jordy excited to see you at the meet! I put you down for 15 cards!

Hello this Cynthia or GoCindy On my profile. I regret that I will not be able to attend the meet up but I have a request. I will send you a check for the 10 cards that I requested. If I send you back a few addresses, including myself, could you send them on my behalf it would be just maybe four cards. If that’s OK, please send your address to my profile. Thank you

Hello everyone!!

I am so excited to see everyone this weekend and just wanted to send out a quick reminder! If you requested meet-up cards please bring cash or I will provide my Venmo/Zelle information at the meet-up. Don’t forget to bring 8 stamps (forever stamp value) in an envelope if you’d like to participate in the stamp swap! There will also be a gift pile. If you’d like to bring stickers, postcards or anything else you’d like to gift to the pile for others to look through and take what they like! And of course, don’t forget pens, stamps and signature stamps to sign cards with! See everyone Saturday!