7 May 2022 Meet-up - Schiermonnikoog

:world_map: WHERE: Schiermonnikoog, The Netherlands
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Hotel van der Werff, Reeweg 2, 9166 PX Schiermonnikoog
:calendar: DATE: 7 May 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11.00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

It has been a while ago since the last Schiermonnikoog meeting as for two years now we had to cancel due to Covid. Yet for 2022 I want to try again! On May 7th we will come together again on the beautiful island of Schiermonnikoog.

Ferry times will be down below this post. We arrive at 11 AM at Hotel van der Werff. In front of it is a small music tent called ‘Het Beukenootje’ where we can meet up.

Afterwards, we can stroll through the village, get some postcards and enjoy our time. At 1 o’clock we go towards a restaurant/lunchroom where we can have lunch and write some cards.

For the people who will stay on the island and will not return to the mainland the same day, we can go for dinner in the evening or have a BBQ in my garden if the weather is nice.

@WilmaT made a beautiful postcard for this meeting. You can order your postcards here in this topic or contact her and she will arrange the rest for it.
The price for the postcards is 0,55 euro per postcard.
You can order them untill 14 April! They will be ordered after that.

The island is made to cycle around. So we may go to a lunchroom on a bike. I’m hoping to get a reservation at ** de Berkenplas** for lunch. They have been very welcoming to us the other years as well. But as it’s a little bit further away from the village a bike would be nice.

In case you are not able to walk or cycle long, there are several options on the island!
We have 2 taxi services. Drent and Ùs Eilaun, who will be able to help out.
I don’t know the English translation, but one of the bicycle shops are renting out schootmobielen which can be a help too.
And another bicycle shop is renting out a special bike where 2 people sit next to each other. This one does require a reservation.

In case you need more bike info, please ask me and I’ll make sure to answer it!

Who’s going to come? (I’ll put the max at 20)

  • Gait
  • Gerda
  • Annerie
  • WilmaT
  • Andrea236
  • Leentjebuur
  • GeertruidaB
  • DutchIslandGirl
  • Kwiksa (Jana)
  • Jeroen
  • Soundstorm (Ellen)
  • Meidans
  • EvelienH29
  • Pareltje21 (Marjan)
  • harlingen
  • Kushboo (Anke)

Ferry Times!
As this meeting is on an island, the ferry times are very important to know. We have the normal ferry, which cost around 17 or 18 euro currently. And we have a fast ferry, which is charging about 8 euro extra above the normal ticket. The normal ferry takes about 45 minutes and the fast ferry takes about 20 minutes.

Lauwersoog to Schiermonnikoog
06.30 Ferry
09.30 Ferry (Recommanded for the meeting :slight_smile: )
11.25 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)
12.30 Ferry
14.30 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)
15.30 Ferry
16.30 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)
18.30 Ferry
19.30 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)

Schiermonnikoog to Lauwersoog
07.30 Ferry
10.30 Ferry
11.55 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)
13.30 Ferry
16.00 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)
16.30 Ferry
19.30 Ferry
20.00 Fast Ferry (Surcharge)


Count me in yeah!!!

Kan ik me nog aanmelden voor deze meeting?
Hoor graag
Groetjes Anne

Yes please, I would love to come!

yes! Another meeting at Schiermonnikoog again! I’m already looking forward to it!

Although I am already on the list, I would like to confirm my registration.

Ik wil mij ook graag aanmelden.


Wat leuk, nog een meeting op een waddeneiland! :slight_smile:
10 april Terschelling en 7 mei Schiermonnikoog!

Ik geef me graag op onder voorbehoud.

Hoi, Wat leuk om een meet-up te hebben op Schiermonnikoog. Wij melden ons graag aan.
Jeroen en Jana (Kwiksa). Wij blijven ook een nachtje slapen. We hebben net een hotel geboekt.

Jeroen en Jana

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Hoi Gait,

Yes, I’d love to come too. Just like before…
Thanx for organizing.

Bye! Greetings,

Hi I hope that I will be able to come. I’m allready looking for possibilities to stay ivernight but I cann’t book yet because I’ll need a surgery somewhere in april or may. So just write my name by maybe.

Edit: I just booked a room and hope to let you know as soon as possible if I definitly will be able to join the meeting.


Ik meld me ook aan
Me eerste meeting ooit

Groet evelien herder

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Count me in please!

Graag meld ik me definitief aan.
Ik kom graag samen met Evelien. (heeft zich ook verderop aangemeld)

I hereby apologize for my absence for a while. I just moved and everything was very hectic and stressful.

I will add all you beautiful people to the list and hope to see you guys soon <3

Due to the moving I have a hard time financially at this moment and wondered if everyone would be very upset if there was no special meeting card this year? I usually do it and make something nice, but due to moving and the stress I cannot finance it this year. I know I get it back but it always takes a while and the meeting is in a few weeks already. I would like to hear your opinion about it and also if someone would be willing to arrange the meeting card instead of me.

It would be a great pity if there are no special meeting cards!
Maybe someone can help with a design?
If everyone succeeds in ordering and paying on time, ordering may succeed afterwards.
@WilmaT designs and also has cards printed, also often for meetings, I see she has also signed up.
Maybe she can help.

For me it won’t be a problem if there’s no special meeting card this time. You can also buy nice viewcards at Schiermonnikoog to send :slight_smile:

@andrea236 @Anne24 @Leentjebuur @GeertruidaB @DutchIslandGirl @kwiksa @soundstorm @meidans @evelienH29 @Pareltje21

@WilmaT has been so kind to take over the cards and I’m very grateful for that!
Ordering the cards can be done to Wilma until April 21! So don’t be late if you want to have some cards!
The cards are €0,55 per card and it’s a very beautiful one this year!

We also have a group chat on whats app, if people would like to join. I send you all a private message with an invite link to it.

Best wishes,


Hello! May I also still sign up for the meeting? Would love to come to Schiermonnikoog!

Of course! I’ll add you to the list!