7 May 2022 - Greater Seattle Area (Bothell), WA, USA

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Bothell, WA
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE:
McMenamins Anderson School
The Woodshop
Bothell Way Northeast
Bothell, WA
:calendar: DATE: May 7th 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12pm - 3pm Pacific Time
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Meet at the pub called the Woodshop (I plan to arrive around 1130 to get some tables), bring your own meet up cards and supplies, chat, have food/drinks (buy your own), and just hang out. All ages are welcome at this pub and the atmosphere is cozy.

[EDIT MAR2022]
As of May2nd - 19 members state they are going
Meet at the Woodshop around noon.
I will show up half hour earlier to let them know to expect 18 of us.
PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for the purchase of your own food/drink.
Cards - these are my suggestions:
Washington - By Lou Paper via Etsy
Seattle by The Writerie via Etsy
WA State Map Card - Via Etsy
Greetings from Washington - via Amazon [not affiliate link]
@paulinexong has also designed one you can snag in the forum and print on GOOD quality postcard paper. Should be direct post here


What is a meet up card ?
I’ve just been doing this for three months


Meet-up cards are cards the group decides to send together. We can design them and have them made on Moo.com or another source where the card is well made.

Or we can buy a specific type of card say from LouPaper or papersisters.de that says “Hello from (insert place here)”.

Basically, we all send the same card with our names to our Postcrossing traveling cards.

Hope this makes sense.


I am interested in this and I think I may have a friend that would be too!


Sounds great! I follow you on Insta already! Hahaha. I planned it for May that way the weather might be nicer to sit out in the courtyard they have IF we wanted and people can plan.

I find it harder, in this area, to do a month in advance. There have been meet ups I end up being the only one showing up many times. Hahaha.



I’m interested!


I am interested in this meetup and would def travel to come to Seattle!

I am sooooo there.

Once March/April come around, I’ll keep track of who is coming and see if I can make a reservation. I don’t think you can there, which is fine. They have a long line of booth and tables and usually midday isn’t too terribly busy.

I know it’s still a handful of months out, but I’m looking forward to a rebirth in Postcrossing meetings in the PNW.


I too am interested.

I’m interested.

I’m interested! I’m part of the Puget Sound Postcrossing Group on FB, but haven’t ventured into the Forum much. I graduated from Bothell HS in '73! I’d love to come! Been doing PC for just under 3 years. Been living in West Seattle for 10 years, after 25 on Vashon Island.
It will be great to meet new Postcrossers. :slight_smile:



Oh man, I don’t have Facebook so if there are more people interested on that platform just point them in this direction! I do not think we can “reserve” a table, but I will worry about that closer we get to May and the actual date.

The interest has made me really happy, hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

I will order cards from LouPaper for “Washington” or “Seattle” to send. If I feel creative, I will try to make my own design to send.


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I live in Portland and this is the closest! I love receiving these cards from other Postcrossers. On my calendar thanks for setting up Keeks!

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I’m also interested! It’s not too far of a drive. I look forward to it!

Keeks, thank you for starting to organize a local meet-up!!
I don’t know my work schedule for May yet. Will let you know :crossed_fingers:

I don’t do Facebook either, so I’d like to see the meet-up information posted here, please :+1:
Happy holidays :sparkles:

I’ll try to make it. Thanks!!!

I’m in Seattle and would be interested to attend!

I’d be interested in attending! I’m down in south King county, but could definitely make it up for a day of Postcrossing hang-outs. I’d love to get an official/designated card made up, but am not terribly artistic.

I am interested! Thank you for planning it.

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