6th International SaarLorLux Meeting at Wallendorf-Pont - weekend 13th - 15th August, 2021 - CANCELLED

CANCELLED!!! Redirecting...

CITY/REGION: Wallendorf-Pont
DATE: 13th - 15th August
TIME: you can join any time you want*
MEETUP PLACE: Durivage & several other places in Luxembourg and Germany

6th International SaarLorLux Postcrossing Meeting - weekend 13th - 15th August, 2021 at Wallendorf-Pont

Dear Postcrossers,

SaarLorLux is a euroregion in the heart of Europe, including Luxembourg, parts of France, Belgium and Germany.

After the first 5 meetings near Trier in 2020 we already tried to meet at Luxembourg-German boarderline. The pandemic situation made it impossible. There is still the hope, that touristic acrivities will be allowed in August 2021 - so that we can hold our meeting this year.

We’ll give you some details about the plan: [WE DON’T KNOW IF WE CAN REALIZE IT IN THIS WAY DUE PANDEMIC RULES]


Do you need an accomondation? We stay at the Luxembourgish village Wallendorf-Pont lies near the boarder to Germany at the rivers Sauer and Our. There is a camping site, so you can bring your own tent or caravan with you. They also rent camping pods and glamping tents. Please book directly at the owner’s homepage (http://www.durivage.lu). Mention, that you’re a part of postcrossing group.
Beside the camping site is Hotel Dimmer, but, if you don’t want to stay at the camping site you’re free to book any hotel, holiday flat, airbnb …

About the program:

Friday is arriving day all afternoon long. Let’s have a coffee or tea together after you arrived :)

On Saturday we’ll discover Luxembourgish Swiss. Sure, that there are great Geocaches. At the evening after 6 p.m. we’ll have our traditional BBQ.

On Sunday, we start canoeing at the river Sauer until Echternach. At Wallendorf boats can be rent but of course you can use your own, too. The tour ends at Echternach. Those, who don’t want to join canoeing can have a game driving tour by car to Echternach.

If you stay longer, on Sunday evening we’ll make a board game party (e.g. Carcassonne).

As we’re directly at the boarder you can choose to send your cards with German or Luxemburgish Post.
The place and time for signing our postcards isn’t clear yet. It might be in Germany or Luxembourg. During that time we’ll make a raffle, too. Who will organize the raffle this year?

And here are the rules for the raffle (“Wichteln”):
Everybody who brings a little gift will receive another one back. Hence, you don’t have to sign up for the raffle in advance (Even if you forget the raffle, you can get a raffle gift while postcard shopping in Trier and participate in the evening - it happens to at least one person each time ;) ).
There is no budget set for the gift. It shall be a nice and fitting gift for a postcrosser and contain at least two postcards (bear in mind that there are many but not only female postcrossers ;) ). Every participant gives what he or she can and wants to afford.
You can put your gift into a gift bag, wrap it up or decorate it as you like. :exclamation: Please put a sticker or tag with your nickname/stamp onto your gift - we’ll need it to figure out who receives which gift.

On Sunday we have the final brunch at the camping site in Wallendorf-Pont with signing those postcards, we didn’t do before.

Kind regards,
B-Engel & Niklot

where interested last year:
Annibaer LU
B-Engel DE
catcollector DE
Hermi + 1 NL
Isagv DE
itzibitzispider LU
Lotty BE
Niklot DE
Vespa-liebling + 1 DE

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Fingers crossed!!

We have a reservation at Hotel Dimmer. We will wait for the decision if it is possible to take place and if yes we will decide around 15th May if it is possible to come for us or not.

I just try to find out the regulations for our meeting due COVID-19.

  • entering Luxembourg for EU-/Schengen-citicens is allowed
  • special regulations for entering via Findel airport
  • the camping group is opened
  • restaurants etc. are strictly regulated which meens that we cann’t go over there as a group

This I found about the current contact restrictions over there:
"Every gathering of more than 4 up to and including 10 people is subject to the condition that the people wear masks and keep a minimum distance of 2 meters.

Every gathering of 11 and up to 100 people is subject to the condition that the people wear masks and are assigned seats, while maintaining a minimum distance of 2 meters."

I’m not sure if any of the planned activities are possible (rent a boat, visiting a castle…), but for a meeting on the camping ground like signing postcards, geo caching tours at Mullerthal etc. it seams that we should have a look for the maximum number of 10 persons, dividing us in two groups if we’re more…

I’ll check out the situation next Thursday personally.

How are the regulations to return in your countries?
For German citicens;
Luxemburg ist aktuell als Risikogebiet eingestuft. Es gibt in den deutschen Regeln aber einen Sonderpassus für den kleinen Grenzverkehr. Eine Quarantänepflicht besteht nicht, wenn der Aufenthalt in Luxemburg nicht 24 Stunden am Stück übersteigt. Da wir täglich die deutsche/luxemburgische Seite wechseln, sollte das kein Problem darstellen :wink:

@annibaer @catcollector @Danube @Helenafl @Hermelina63 @isagv @itzibitzispider @Lotty @midnatsol @Mieke1985 @Vespa-Liebling @kugusch @Schlafmohn

Hello everyone, as experience has shown that May is over quickly, it is time to clarify whether we will make up for the meeting at the beginning of June 2021 under corona conditions or postpone it again (to summer) in the hope that the conditions will also be met with advanced vaccinations are cheaper. The weekend from 16.-18. July (with extension until July 20 or 21) in question.

I ask for your feedback by May 14th for further planning
A - want to come in early June
B - would rather not come until mid-July
C - in any case, no matter the date
D - unfortunately not coming in 2021

Hallo zusammen, da der Mai erfahrungsgemäß schnell vorbei ist, ist es an der Zeit zu klären, ob wir das Meeting Anfang Juni 2021 unter Coronabedingungen nachholen oder erneut (auf den Sommer) verschieben, in der Hoffnung, dass die Bedingungen auch mit fortgeschrittenen Impfungen dann günstiger sind. Als Ersatztermin käme bei uns das Wochenende vom 16.-18. Juli (mit Verlängerung bis 20. oder 21.7.) in Frage.

Ich bitte fĂĽr die weitere Planung bis zum 14. Mai um RĂĽckmeldung ob ihr
A - Anfang Juni kommen möchtet
B - lieber erst Mitte Juli kommen möchtet
C - in jedem Fall kommt, Termin egal
D - 2021 leider nicht kommt

B - der Juli wäre für mich ideal!
WĂĽrde mich freuen, wenn es dieses Jahr klappt!
I would prefer July - would be great!

I dare say July is the best bet for a meeting … early June might collide with “mothers day” in Luxembourg (yes yes celebrated much later in the year, than in Germany)

So I guess B :wink:

I would rather have A - want to come in early June.

Because I’m already going to a Postcrossing meeting from 23 till 25 july.
And 2 meeting weekends in a row is to much.

Dann ist es bei uns wohl D :frowning:
Juni ist uns definitv zu bald. Und an dem Wochenende im Juli hat mein Patenkind Konfirmation und ich hoffe, dass es Coronakonform klappt mit Ihr zu feiern. Also dieses Jahr wohl eher nicht.

A wenn ich bei Lotty schlafen kann. :wink:

Bei uns leider D - Die Anreise ist fĂĽr uns im Moment zu schwierig zu organisieren fĂĽr Juni da alles noch recht unsicher ist und die fixen RĂĽckreiseregeln fĂĽr Ă–sterreich nun auch erst recht knapp bekannt gegeben werden fehlt die Planungssicherheit. Im Juli geht leider kein Urlaub von der Arbeit her. Lg Sabrina

D - unfortunately not coming in 2021


Sadly for me it’s also D :frowning:

B for me.
But only in the hope that we can as a group to do things.

Isa, je kan zeker bij mij slapen. Ook als de meeting toch in juli is.


Hello together, let’s hope that there’s a chance to realize it in July.

@ana Can you change the date in the meetup calender please?

I am curious, if the meeting will be possible this year :heart_eyes: If so, for us “only” day-wise attendance will be possible, because of our little Miss sunshine :blush:

Today I received the planning for my vaccination.

The first one will be on 12 June.

But the second one will be on 17 July.

I hope I can reschedule my second vaccination to another date.

Good afternoon, I would very much like to receive a postcard from your meeting. In return, I will gladly send a card from one of the Slovak meetings. Please suggest to the participants who would be glad to change.

We don’t make online meetings.