6th International SaarLorLux Meeting at Wallendorf-Pont - weekend 13th - 15th August, 2021 - CANCELLED

So I must confirm that I cannot come in July. We will be abroad than. What a pitty.

Dear postcrosser,
Greetings to all.
Und gleich drei Fragen: findet das meeting Anfang Juni statt ?
Kann man auch als Neuling teilnehmen?
Und: kann man an nur einem Programmtag teilnehmen, zB an der Wanderung und dem BBQ?
Einen schönen Sonntag

Today I called the vacciantion centre and I can’t reschedule my second vaccination to another date.

I hope I can still change the date of my first vacciantion. I have time until 11 June.

If I can’t change the date I can’t come to the meeting.

Hello my dears,
I received an email on Tuesday with my vaccination appointments.
The good thing is, I got my first vaccination this evening.
And now we come to the bad part, I have the second vaccination on July 17th.
What a …
Because @Lotty will also be vaccinated on this day, we think, we should change the date again.
We’re sorry!!!

@meiadeleite We had to reschedule this meeting again, hopefully the last time.

I’ve just send an e-mail to the camping to change my dates to 13 to 17 august.

Is anybody else also staying longer at the camping.

Hi. Please let me know if the Luxembourg meet up pushes through. I’d like a meet-up card from any participant. I can send a meet up card from the Philippines in return. Thanks!

Hi Lotty,
We are also staying till the 17th.

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Unfortunately the campsite is overflowing, so the era closed for this year. Look on their Facebook page.

My condolence to the ppl who try to make a meeting possible so many times and to the owner of the camping ground. (First Corona, now the flood)
Hope there will be a sollution next year.

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The flood was really horrible - I feel so sad for all the people who live and work there.
Its a pity for us, maybe we can meet next year… .

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