6 November 2022 - Montreal meetup

@kristencat, yes, I’d love to swap!

@Ruxandra, Yes, 2 pm. Watch the time change - DST ends early Sunday, Nov. 6 so be sure to set your clock back. 30 cards - no problem :grinning:

Hello! For swap?

Hi @thekaty, I can’t swap because Canada Post is not sending mail to Russia right now.

Hi, it’s possible to make a swap?
I’m from Italy and I love this card :heart:

@Morwenna2610 sure, I will send you a PM :blush:

The printed cards are in my possesion. I went with a matte finish and 16 pt premium cardstock, and they turned out just as I had hoped from the digital image :grinning:

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I’d like to get 10 copies please! How much did they end up costing you?

I’m really looking forward to the meetup and getting to sign and send the cards :grin:

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Hi friends,
I would like to exchange a postcard from this meeting with one of you for one of the postcards from the meetings in Slovakia (Hurbanovo, Košice, Bratislava). Slovakia is in Central Europe. Thank you and I wish you a pleasant meeting, for me these are always wonderful moments! Have a good time! My email: e.balaskova@gmail.com

I’d like to swap! Sending you a PM.

Hello Ykarenes,
I am interested to buy 10 beautiful meet up postcards.
I am a postcrosser from The Netherlands.
If it is impossible, I would like to swap.
Many greetings,

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@PeterO I sent you a PM :slightly_smiling_face:

Salut hi
Would I buy able to purchase these? I’m in California; if anyone wants to swap for a San Francisco meetup postcard let me know.

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@neongreen Happy to swap! Sent you a PM

The meetup is ON for this Sunday : ) See you there !
If you go to the Nuphilex show in the morning please say hello if you see me. I’ll try to attach a Postcrossing something to my bag. I’ll likely be found at a stamp dealer’s table, looking through stamps. :grinning:

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My fiancée and I will be there! We’re also planning on visiting the Nuphilex show beforehand :grin:


I’d love to swap!

Thanks everyone for such a lovely afternoon!! I had a great time at my first meet-up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi Karen
Thank you so much for the nice meetup. We’ve had a lot of fun


Thank you for making my first meetup so fun!

We were a little bit rushed to get out of the Tipsy Cow Bar before it filled with Montréal Alouettes fans, but we still managed to have a successful signing.

Here’s the group pic:

It was nice to put some faces to names and meet postcrossers in person :grinning:

I also had a lot of fun at the Nuphlilex stamp show before the meetup. Here’s a peek at some of my favorite finds from the show.

All Forum swaps for signed cards that I arranged before the meetup are in the mail.


Hi the group
I received mine , thank you so much maggipata :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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