Found stamp-theme postcards and matching stamps at a stamp show

I was looking for a “what I found at the stamp show” chat. This post belongs there, if such a thread exists.

Even though I’m not a stamp collector, I love going to stamp shows. I do “accumulate” stamps but my purpose is to use them to create collaged postcards, self-made maxicards, artist trading cards or other art. I also like finding older unused stamps to use on my outgoing mail to make it more interesting for the recipients.

At the Nuphilex show in Montréal yesterday, I found these postcards at a stamp dealer’s table. He also had matching unused stamps for some, and I had some matching used stamps in my collection at home.

I think I’ll use the doll stamps to turn these cards into maxicards.

I’d like to find more of these tall ship postcards. I have a bunch of the matching unused stamps.

I had these matching used stamps at home, and might be able to track down some unused.

I’d like to track down these 1984 commemoratives.

I think I have some of these used vintage stamps.

As a bonus, we had a meetup right after the show, which was a lot of fun.

I highly recommend going to stamp shows even if you don’t have a serious collection. You never know what you might find :grinning:


I always like going to stamp shows. Since I collect covers in addition to postcards, I always find good items.


PM sent re the 1984 lighthouse commemoratives.

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Good to know they have postcards too! Thanks for sharing.

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I didn’t realize some of the vendors had postcards too! What a fantastic find! :heart_eyes:

I picked up some stamps at Nuphilex too, I’ve never been to a stamp show before but it was so cool to see what was there!

The vendor I got these from was so kind, he gave me a great deal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@LC-Canada I didn’t see any postcards at Nuphilex the first time I went, but it’s easy to spend hours in one place and not really see the whole thing, so it’s possible I just missed them… @halflingstory I’m so glad you enjoyed the show :slightly_smiling_face: Those stamps are fantastic! I wish I’d had more time and $$… There’s supposed to be a show in Dorval in March, and there’s something called Montreal postal history, postcard & old paper show 2023 in June on this list. :blush:


Lovely Stamps and postcards

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