4 May 2024 -- Whidbey Island (Coupeville), WA Meetup

@jwnewman53 I’d like to reserve 20 cards, please. :slightly_smiling_face: I can send you payment now or cash at Meetup–whatever is preferred. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome, thank you so much! I will message you my address. :smiling_face:

Please try the RSVP again. Thanks.

I hit the “going” button. Does that count? I do not see any other way to RSVP. Sorry. I thought somebody put something in the chat but I only know how to hit the “going” button.

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Yes, that worked

I now see the RSVP button!

I can’t rsvp but pressed the going post.
May I please reserve 20 cards.
@bsickler will be going with me.

Hi, @jwnewman53 ! Hope you’re doing well! I’m wondering if you have decided about keeping or changing the Meetup date. Just making some plans over here! Thank you!

I’ll stay with 5/4.

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I’m a newbie to Postcrossing. You mentioned show up with cards and addresses. Addresses we requested? I would love to attend.

Hi, @e4621m ! Welcome to Postcrossing! Coming to a meetup is a lot of fun, as well as a great way to “learn the ropes”.

Yes, to a large extent, it’s just like sending cards from home – you request addresses on the PC website, and write the addresses on some cards (or print them as labels to attach to the cards). The only difference is that instead of writing a message on the card, it gets passed around to everyone at the meetup to add their signature or rubber stamp to it.

Most people refrain from sending cards for a while before a meetup, since PC limits how many cards you can have traveling at one time, and you want to make sure you will be able to get some new addresses the day before (or day of) the meetup. Right on the home page you’ll find a box that includes “Traveling: XX out of YY postcards”. As a newby, that “YY” is probably 5 or 6, and the “XX” shows how many are “traveling” and haven’t been received & registered yet. So you’d be able to get YY minus XX cards. (As an old fart, mine says “Traveling: 96 out of 100 postcards”, so right now I could get 100-96, or 4, new addresses. As the meetup date approaches, I will stop sending cards for a while, to get that “XX” number smaller – I want to be able to get about 20 addresses the day of the meetup, so my target is “Traveling: 80 out of 100 postcards”.)

You can address cards at home and bring them along, or get some of my special meetup cards the day of the meetup; there are always other Postcrossers who have some cards available to buy at the event, too. Kay Burrell designs beautiful cards and has them for sale, and I believe keeks is going to be bringing something, too.

Whether you bring from home, or get cards at the event, it’s a good idea to also have a 1-quart Ziploc bag, with your name written on it, to put your cards in. That way, they stay together as they get passed around, and you’ll be sure to get all your cards back.

Wow! That all sounds complicated! But it’s really pretty simple once you see it in action, and it’s a blast to get together and chat with everyone. We’ll be looking forward to meeting you!


Hello All!

I will be bringing some May the 4th Be With You cards that are Seattle design.
If you want a few when I arrive - I won’t mail them out but they can be available there. They will be 40cents each, what I am paying for them and that is the best price I can get for them and have limited minimal stock.
Do we know how many people are going? It has 9 saying yes at this point… I am hoping for more than this if I order the postcards… don’t really want to be stuck with too many afterwards. Haha!


In the Facebook group, there are 12 “Going” and 15 “Interested”. There may be a few overlaps between the PC Forum count and the FB count. I’m guessing we’ll end up with around 20? Would love to have more, of course.

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Jwnewman=did you get a Venmo from seachange for seachange’s cards and a Venmo from seachange for richard42 cards?

Hello Jim@jwnewman53

Please tell me if it is possible to get a copy of the card with the tower, preferably as an exchange.
I’m currently collecting cards like this for a postcrosser’s birthday and would like to surprise him with them in May. Maybe someone from this forum can also help me with my search. That would be great.
Have a nice Sunday

This sounds fun. I will be there - and if possible, I’d like to purchase 60 meet-up cards! I’m glad to pay in advance or bring cash to the meetup.

Can you share the Facebook group name? I’d love to join as I live in Washington and love to attend these meetup events :slight_smile:

Ok. Sounds like a small meetup! I am not on Facebook and can only see what’s communicated on Postcrossing.

The Facebook group is Puget Sound Postcrossing Group.

The event postcards have arrived and they look GREAT. Don’t forget to order and prepay ($2 for 10 cards, sold in multiples of 10) if you want to be sure to get some. Only prepaid orders will be held, otherwise it’s first come, first served at the event. Over half the available cards have been reserved, so don’t miss out!!

Also, don’t forget there will be special cards available as a “thank you” to anyone who brings 2 or more unexpired, unopened non-perishable items to be donated to Good Cheer Food Bank. (You do not have to donate to attend the event!)

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