3 June 2023 - Metro Atlanta Meetup

Not sure how to go about designing a card, but I’m totally down to attend!! I loved our meet-up so much. The conversational ground we covered was incredible. (Sorry for the deleted post- I accidentally responded from my Grandma’s account).

Hello, Everyone! I was so excited to see this thread this morning! I’m so sorry to have missed the June meetup. I attended the Nashville meetup this fall and enjoyed tremendously. So, if we can sort out another Atlanta meetup, I’m in!

I’m south of the city, down near the airport, but am happy to travel wherever. And while I have absolutely zero artistic ability, I’m happy to help cover costs, make reservations, etc.

Hope to meet y’all soon!


Hi @mermaid77 and @Meirkat (and anyone else who may be interested), I set up a meet up for November 11. Atlanta meet up - November 11


Hello and happy summer!! ICYMI- someone is planning a meetup at a coffee shop in Cumming this weekend! I hope everyone has had a wonderful year!

CITY/REGION: Cumming, Georgia, USA
MEETUP PLACE: Community Cup: 125 Tribble Gap Rd, Ste 103, Cumming GA 30041
DATE: Saturday, June 15, 2024
TIME: 12:00 PM- 2:00 PM

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