2nd March 2024 - Saint David's Day Meetup Cardiff

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Wales, Cardiff
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Cardiff Castle
:calendar: DATE: 02/03/2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Let’s celebrate Saint David’s Day with a Postcrossing meetup on 2nd March in Cardiff!

We will visit the Cardiff Castle ticket price Adult £14.50
Explore the Castle at your own pace, climb the Norman Keep, visit the Firing Line and the Wartime Shelters, discover the Roman remains, and marvel at the Castle Apartments, some of the most lavishly decorated rooms you’ll ever likely see.

:postbox: 11 am - Meet at the entrance and visit the castle grounds.
:postbox: 1 pm - Meet at The Castle cafe to have lunch and sign postcards.

Follow the words of St David himself: gwnewch y pethau bychain — do the little things.
What better way to celebrate St David’s Day than by doing and sharing Random Acts of Welshness. Which RAW do you suggest?

And finally the postcard!!!

Please reserve yours now, it will cost 20p each.
If you will not be able to attend but would like to purchase the postcard send me a message.

@claireandivy give a parking place suggestion:
“Just wanted to mention Sophia Gardens as a car parking suggestion if anyone is driving in? Great location for the castle and not as busy as the city centre/shopping centre car parks. And you might see some squirrels!”



  1. JennyAssis
  2. SusChris
  3. xxxxyyyyzzzz - 4 postcards
  4. claireandivy - 20 postcards
  5. jobloggs - 20 postcards
  6. rvalkass - 20 postcards
  7. Tiggywee - 5 postcards
  8. moonraker_girl - 20 postcards
  9. Irene & boyfriend - 30 postcards
  10. MogCherie & partner - 5 postcards
  11. Chanwingwai - 5 postcards
  12. Postmalwen - 10 postcards
  13. Poppy68 & daughter - 20 postcards
  14. green_as_a_stem - 20 postcards
  15. SashaUA17 - 20 postcards

Maybe: :crossed_fingers:t5:

:point_up: Please make sure to read the Meetup Guidelines before signing up for a meetup.


Accepting suggestions of places to meet up and have lunch after visiting the castle. :blush:

My option would be the castle cafe, in the castle ground, free entry.

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Please count me in @JennyAssis.
Thank you for doing the organising.

I’m local so feel a little ashamed that i didn’t think to organise! Please let me know if you want anything done.

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@xxxxyyyyzzzz Do you have any recommendations for somewhere to eat and sign postcards near the castle? :smiley:

The castle cafe seems like a good option.

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I’m in!


I’m always open to the local people expertise :blush:
I’m all ears in any suggestions.

I haven’t been in the castle cafe for a while. Last time i went it was cafeteria style with a fair amount of room. Given that it is St David’s Day (well the day after) it could be busy so we may need a plan B, especially if there are a lot of us.

The national museum is a shortish walk from the castle and has a small t-bar (and some postcards).

Bigmoose is a not-for-profit which is just off the main shopping street. I think they have a upper room that they use for functions, I could ask if they would be willing to host us somewhere - they may want some guaranteed income however.

The arcades start from opposite the castle with some quirky shops and eateries. The main postcard shops are also opposite the castle.

Happy to research anything you want @JennyAssis - I’m in the city every Thursday…


Great we have our guide :heart: I’m talking about you @xxxxyyyyzzzz :blush:
Will be my first visit to Wales, so everything is new!
All suggestions are more than welcome!
@claireandivy what do you say?


Yay I’ve been waiting for a meet in Wales! :grin: The only place where people know how to say my name :joy:

Please can you put me down as a maybe as i just need to check the date with my relatives nearby in Barry who i would visit at the same time!

Thanks, Rhiannon


How can I say no to a meetup on my doorstep? Count me in!

Depending on how many people are going (and what the weather is like!) the space outside Pettigrew’s in Bute Park (next to the castle) could be a good place to meet for food and drink.

The arcades are also a good bet. The Castle Arcade is right opposite the castle and has some good spots for food and drink. Likewise the Royal Arcade, which is also home to Pen & Paper if people want to pick up some postcards and supplies!


I love Pettigrews, depends on numbers though. There’s also Barkers tearoom in the arcades which is really pretty.

I was in the Pen and Paper shop last week and they didn’t have much of a selection of postcards. We should phone and ask them to stock up! The best “tourist” postcard shop other than the castle is the lovespoon shop opposite the castle I reckon.


Thankfully it’s not a Six Nations weekend :+1:


OMG, I want to visit everything!
Do you think 2 h are enough to visit the Cardiff castle?

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It depends if you want to take the tour of the living quarters. (50 minutes). For the main parts, probably yes.

Although last year my sister in law spent about that long in the museum area alone ( she does read every label !) .

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I’ll do my best with the time we have.
For those who want visit everything in the castle area and the postcard shops we could start early and those who don’t want to visit the castle can meet us at the cafe at 1pm. What do you think, what time should we start to see the castle and the stores?

I think that your original plan is probably fine. 11 am meet, 1pm food at the castle.
Eating and signing postcards at the castle gives the most flexibility if people want to spend more time over the castle sightseeing. People wanting to see more of the castle can continue after we have done the postcard business as long as they don’t exit the castle area (I think).
Anyone who has finished with the castle before 1pm, or after the postcard signing, can go out and in of the public area as much as they want, so can visit postcard shops and/ or the arcades or the museum.

I can check on Thursday about the amount of accommodation in the cafe, and whether once people have a castle entry ticket they can go outside and come back (for example, climb the keep and do the museum before lunch, and then go outside to the postcard shops, returning to do a house tour).

Does this help?


Do you need photos of the castle to make a meetup card?

Thank you for your help.
I know that is not necessary tickets to go to the castle cafe.
I was planning in illustrate the postcard, but fell free to send me a photo.


I have a prior commitment that day, otherwise I would sign up. Have a grand day!

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I visited the National Museum of Wales over the weekend to see the dinosaurs with my son. Lots of postcards in the gift shop of the art exhibits, if anyone is interested, but at £1 each.

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