27MAY23: ESSEN stamp exhibition - various national postal administrations exhibiting

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Essen Exhibition – meeting point at 11am: “Entrance EAST”, in front of Hall 8
:calendar: DATE: 27 May 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11-17 CET
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: meeting new people, write postcards, visit exhibition stands of national postal administrations, meet other postcrossers and delegates/stamp collectors from the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Palestine etc.

This year, two of the worldwide largest stamp exhibitions will take place in the German city of ESSEN from May 25th to 28th :
IBRA 2023
Briefmarken-Messe ESSEN

Entrance is free-of-charge.
We will meet at 11am at “Eingang OST” - in doubt or if delayed call or send me a WhatsApp-message at +49 177 6708311
Public Transport: subway U11 to station “Messe Ost”.
A car parking-structure is attached to the exhibition center. Follow signs reading “Messe/Gruga”. Navigation: “Norbertstrasse”

The exhibitions attract thousands of stamp collectors worldwide, but also offers seminars, competitions, award ceremonies, events, excursions, expert-seminars etc.

Various national postal administrations will have exhibition-stands to sell their national stamps and other postal products. We can drop our cards with them to be posted from their respective home countries:

  • Åland :aland_islands:
  • Germany :de:
  • Estonia :estonia:
  • Färöer :faroe_islands:
  • France :fr:
  • Fiji :fiji:
  • Greenland :greenland:
  • UK :uk:
  • Guernsey :guernsey:
  • Jersey :jersey:
  • Croatia :croatia:
  • Latvia :latvia:
  • Lithuania :lithuania:
  • Liechtenstein :liechtenstein:
  • Luxembourg :luxembourg:
  • Norway :norway:
  • Austria :austria:
  • Poland :poland:
  • Romania :romania:
  • Switzerland :switzerland:
  • Czech Republic :czech_republic:
  • United Nations :united_nations:

To sit and write cards, the “Parkrestaurant” in Hall 7 will have ample seating - as long as we avoid the lunch rush.Unfortunately, we can not reserve.
For those who are interested in meeting delegations and Postcrossers from various countries of the Middle East, I am happy to make an introduction.

Meeting cards: everyone is invited to design meeting cards.

MeetUp-Video: for download

@GermanInArabia +1 (Ralf & Khaled, :palestinian_territories:)
@dabos (Abdulla Khoory, :united_arab_emirates:)
@Katrin1778 (Katrin)
@Weselfee79 (Sandra)
@tika (Heike)
@Axolotl_ +1 (Jenny & Alice)
@Robinchen (Nadine)
@kroete68 (Sabine)
@Jess-Cee (Jessica, :netherlands:)
@espritpapeterie (Donate)
@thepostalcharm (Kari)
@Niklot (Hanko)
@Meanderingmarvel (Rosslyn, :united_arab_emirates:)
@Kiki87 (Christiane)
@Millefolia (Birgit)
@LiveLaughLoveLeafs (Helen, :netherlands:)
@UtaElisa (Uta)
@Oscar1 (Oskar)
@SnowLilly (Selina)
@radiohead92 (Jonas)
@Heinz (Heinz)
@Tini2018 (Martina)
@Antje25 (Antje)
@mella68 (Helga)
@ryanma (Ryan)
@Pistenqueen (Marie, :liechtenstein:)
@drheartbd (Dr. Redwan, :fiji:)
@Adilalkhoori / @RX-Ferdos (Adel Khoory, :united_arab_emirates:)
@jayebirdi (Jaye)
@Mattin62 (Martin)
@Ylvi (Sabine)
@Dina2006 (Eldina)
@mondkind (Nicole)
@Namibia13 (Wiebke)
@Bayrisches-Madl (Sabine)
@elmnts (Henry)
@pumuckl (Ulrich)

For those who already want to sign up for the meetup at the stamp exhibition in Essen next year (2024), here is the respective link: 04 MAY 2024: ESSEN stamp exhibition meetup - various international postal administrations exhibiting


Please mark my girlfriend and me as tentative participants. I’ll have a look at my calender later today. :relaxed:

Let me know if there’ll be a meetup card, otherwise I’d maybe try to design one myself.

Bin dabei

Bin dabei. Wird es ne meeting karte geben? :grin:

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Ich wäre gerne dabei.

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Bin dabei

Bin dabei

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Wird gerade diskutiert. Willst du eine entwerfen? Ich stelle sie dann hier vor

Es so lustig da das meeting schon in planung war lach. Wesselfee jetzt zurücklehnen und genißen :wink:


Jupp, @Angel84 da kann ich jetzt geniessen. , :grin:


Ich bin dabei :blush:

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Hab in den Kalender geschaut, wir kommen. :muscle:t2: Meine Freundin heißt Alice, für die Liste. :smile: Wegen Kartendesign melde ich mich die Tage bei dir, @GermanInArabia. :smile:

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I would love to come as well

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freue mich!

Ich würde gerne teilnehmen.


ich möchte auch mit dabei sein, klingt toll :smiley:

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Ich wäre auch gerne dabei

Ich bin auch dabei

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Wenn noch Platz ist wäre ich auch gern dabei