27 June 2022 - Natuurpark Lelystad Meetup

I would like to joint the meeting and the walk please.

Hi BuonaFortuna,

What is your first name?

Greetings Exploradora73


I would love to join as well :relaxed:

Can you put me on the waitinglist? i have to wait for my work schedule.

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Like to come not for a walk.

I put you on the list.

Niki. I put you on the list not walking (obv) and on the waitinglist walking (obv)

Since March they are feeding the otters again at 15.00. So we can watch it at the meeting.


Thanks Exploradora, i lett you know asap

Wil jij mij op de reservelijst zetten als men geannuleerd heeft

Nicolientje with walking?
Without walking you can still join the meeting. So let me know if you want to join the signing of the cards.

Meetingcard cards can be order till Saturday 30 april 18.00.
They have to be paid by monday 2 may 14.30
Thursday I will show you the card.

Ja dat is de bedoeling. en wil ook meedoen met ondertekening van de kaarten. en naamstickertjes wil ik bestellen.

I would like to order 20 cards Brenda

I would like to order 30 cards

I would like 30 cards

20 cards for me! Thank you

This will be the meetingcard.
Designed by Bianca Nikerk


Can i have 20 cards please?