27 June 2022 - Natuurpark Lelystad Meetup

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Lelystad, Flevoland, Nederland
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Natuurpark Lelystad, initially outside the visitor centre
:calendar: DATE: monday 27 June 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10.30-15.30
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Read carefully before you Say Yes I Like to come

The meeting location isn’t easy reachable by public transport. So if you want to come you need a car or go carpooling.

Natuurpark Lelystad can only be reached by Bus 148 leaving Lelystad at 09.39 arriving at 9.49 or from Harderwijk leaving at 08.47 arriving at 09.11 (feb 2022 times). From the bus stop it is still a 22 minute walk on the Meerkoetenweg to the visitor centre/restaurant. But maybe somebody wants to pick you up at the bus stop. De bus goes once in the hour in the morning and twice in the hour in the afternoon.

A little but further the airport line Arriva 7 from Lelystad stops near the building of Omroep Flevoland. Leaving Lelystad at 09.24 arriving at 09.39. Maybe 2 minutes extra walking.

I will go by bicycle if you want to join me with an OV-cycle I will leave the train station of Lelystad at 09.45. But let me no if you want to do this upfront. Is about 8 km cycle one way.


  • We meet at 10:30 outside the visitor centre. The visitor centre opens at 12.00 but the toilets can be used before.

  • 10.45 o’clock we start walking through the parc. So be on time because we can’t wait… The walk will be around 4 km. The parc is 371 ha so we visit only a small part.

I expect if you say Yes I come that you are going to do the walk. If you don’t want to walk give the place to somebody else or let your name be placed on the waiting list. There is place in the restaurant for 6 persons who don’t want to walk. So let me know if you want to walk or not.

When it rains bring an umbrella. It’s a nature parc so I can’t promise we see anything but we will pass the Otters, Pater Davidsdeer, Elk, Storks, Wild pigs, Red deer and mouflon. Not sure if the English names are right so in Dutch: Otters, Pater Davidsherten, Elanden, Ooievaars, Wilde zwijnen, Edelherten en Moeflons Some days I see all animals some days nothing. So I hope we have enough luck to see something and sunny weather.

  • 12.15-14.40 lunch and writing meetup cards.

  • 15.00 watching the feeding of the otters for who wants or visiting the visitor centre. (if possible because of pandemic feeding with public is still not done at this moment)

  • 15.30 end of the day.

We are not going to go shopping. But hopefully by than the visitor centre does sell some postcards again.

The meeting card is designed by Bianca Nikerk

You can order as many as you want but on the meetup you can only let 30 cards be signed. Otherwise we don’t have enough time.

Please use stickers or make sure the ink of your stamp is really dry before you put a card on top. We don’t want the cards to be full with ink on the front as you can’t remove it anymore.

The meeting cards cost € 0,55 a piece. Payment must be received by (2 may 2022 14.30)

The costs: lunch and drinks, meeting cards, your transportation and parking fee of € 3,-.

The restaurant
That will be Hajé restaurant Natuurpark

Payment of the lunch and drinks

The restaurant changed to PinOnly no Cash anymore. At the end of the meeting we can pay al separate. Do this on time if you want to see the feeding of the otters. If there is a difference between these, I will assume that we share this together, but if everyone properly notes what and for what amount you order, this will not be necessary. We have to tell them upfront what we like to eat. When the summer menu is made I will let your choose your lunch.

Interested to participate? Then write a comment below. Registration is in order of arrival and we can have a maximum of 14 participants walking and 6 extra for the restaurant.

Thanks and I am looking forward to it.


  1. Brenda - Exploradora73
  2. Marianne - bora1976 (30 cards)
  3. Annemieke - kabouter63 (20 cards)
  4. Sylvia - Sylsillie (20 cards)
  5. Niki - Theetje (20 cards)
  6. Aleida - Laddy84 (15 cards + 15 GF Lelystad)
  7. Aleid (mom Laddy84) (15 cards + 15 GF Lelystad)
  8. Monique - CreaMootje (15 cards)
  9. Bo - postcrossingbo (16 cards)
  10. Susanne- SusanneMartijn (30 cards)
  11. Desiree - Deeske1974 (30 cards)
  12. Mireille - Mir1990 (20 cards)
  13. Annerie - Annerie (30 cards + 10 GF Lelystad)

Not Walking:
15. Nikita - Nikietje (30 cards)
16. Truus - Truus (25 cards)
17. Anneke - Anneke192 (16 cards)

Waiting list:

The meeting card

The route of the walk


I would love to come and also for a walk (i hope i’m be able too :wink:

please count me in, I would love to come

I like to participate, but now I can’t say if I am able to do the walk. So I will be one of the 6 non-walkers.

Count me in!

I would like to come!

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I would like to come to come to this meeting (ovb) Is there someone who likes to carpool (for a short distance maybe)? I can come to Lelystad by train.

We (my mom and I) would love to come🥰

I love to come …not for walking :smiley:

Neither do I Truus, so we can chat and have a coffee while the others walk :blush:.

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Count me in please for the meeting, not for the walk :wink:

Count me in., not for walking

I would love to come. With the walk.

Hi there. Please let me know whether you could send me a meetup card too…

Sorry, i have to cancel because of a vacantion

I like to participate please.
Thank you Bo

Nice vacation!

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count me in please for the meeting ., i like walking , .write me in please . Susanne

i like to come , please

I changed it to walking after your personal message.

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