25 June 2022: Extraschicht-Meeting (Lange Nacht der Industriekultur/Ruhrgebiet)

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Mülheim, Ruhr region, Germany
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: MüGa-Park
:calendar: DATE: 25/06/22
:alarm_clock: TIME: 2.30pm - late in the night (for those who want to join the Extraschicht tour)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

  • meeting up at Ronja restaurant inside MÜGA-Park (vegetarian & vegan food) @2.30 in the afternoon → I booked a table in the restaurant until 5 o’ clock
  • meal & drinks → “Ronja” only offers vegetarian and vegan food, but they have a good selection of pasta, pizza, burgers and salads as well as snacks so everyone should be able to find something on the menu
  • writing, signing and stamping postcards
  • relaxed walk through the park seeing the Camera Obscura Tower and Broich Castle
  • joining the Extraschicht event and visiting a few stops along one bus shuttle line

After its cancellation in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a break in 2021 the Extraschicht event is back for 2022. :slight_smile:

Extraschicht 2022 website

Anyone interested in joining the Extraschicht tour, which usually starts around 6 pm, should buy a ticket from the website beforehand (!!!). This will allow access to all the different event locations and use of regional public transportation as well as the promised bus shuttles for free.

I would like to keep the size of the group at ~15 people max. so that we can stick together on the Extraschicht bus shuttle. Other Postcrossers can join the meetup depending on availability of free seats in the restaurant during the afternoon.

I created two different postcard designs for this meetup (scroll downwards in this thread) and am offering them for everyone to order until 28th May 2022. If you would like to design your own cards, please follow the guidelines for using the Postcrossing logo and also make your designs available for other Postcrossers by posting them here (not just on outside social media).


  1. frewen (afternoon & evening)
  2. kiddy67 (afternoon & evening)
  3. Angel84 (afternoon, perhaps evening)
  4. Agameda (afternoon, perhaps evening)
  5. Caterp1llar (afternoon)
  6. Mattin62 (afternoon)
  7. tacobella & daughter (afternoon)
  8. tacobella’s husband (afternoon)
  9. tika (afternoon & evening)
  10. Sanni87 (maybe)
  11. MagicMarie
  12. mella68 (afternoon)
  13. dandee1982 (afternoon, maybe evening)
  14. Duesseljin (afternoon & evening)
  15. annewe
  16. annewe’s mother

Waiting list:


By car: There are two parking options immediately next to MüGa-Park. One is the larger parking lot next to Stadthalle which is accessible from Bergstraße (B223). There is an underground parking space here as well. All these parking options cost money, though. There is another (smaller and slightly more difficult to find) parking lot which can be used free of charge as long as spaces are available. To get there, you drive up Am Schloss Broich coming from Schlossbrücke, making sure that the castle is to your right. Immediately after passing the castle there is a narrow bridge crossing the road (Fossilienwegbrücke), and right after you have gone underneath the bridge you turn right (next to a little “kiosk” stall). The entrance is a bit hidden and looks very narrow as there is a big tree in the middle of the road which you have to pass on the right before the road widens again. To your left you will find three longer rows of free parking spaces.

By public transportation: Arriving at Mülheim Hbf or Duisburg Hbf, you will need to take the 901 tram line which runs underground for some of its route. From Mülheim Hbf there are a few bus lines that you can use alternatively. They have a stop right in front of the castle. If you do take the underground/tram, get off at “Mülheim Schloß Broich” which is an underground station. Make your way back to daylight and then stand facing the castle. It’s big - you can’t possibly miss it. :wink: As you look at the castle, there are various options of how to enter the park. You can walk round the right side of the castle walls and up a little hill, following the castle walls until you are inside the park. You can enter the MüGa grounds next to Stadthalle and then cross Kfar Saba footbridge which will take you into the main part of the park. Or, if the gates are open, you can also walk across “Am Schloss Broich”, go into the castle courtyard and out again on the opposite side. This will also take you into the main part of the park. For those parking in the less easy to find parking lot (see above), there is a side entrance into the park on the right hand side of the parking spaces. I will be waiting for you in the centre of the park in front of the semicircular Ringlokschuppen structure. :slight_smile:

Anyone who does not have my mobile phone number from a previous meetup, feel free to send me a message so that I can give it to you before the meetup in case someone gets lost or is running late.

I do hope that there won’t be any entrance restrictions into the park yet at the time of our meeting. But we are still a few hours away from the beginning of Extraschicht so we should be fine. And since Ronja is a public restaurant I do not believe that access there will be restricted anyway.


Ich würde gerne an dem Essen und stempeln teilnehmen :blush:

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Wäre gerne dabei. Essen und stempeln und überlege auch bei den anderen program dabei zu sein :wink:

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What great idea! :heart: :heart:
I would like to participate for the afternoon program - I don’t know yet if I can join in the evening!

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I want to join for dinner (have been to Ronja before, amazing restaurant :green_heart:) and for the Extraschicht tour as well! It’ll be my first time at the tour, so I hope you’ll guide us @frewen. :smiley:
So excited for the meetup! :heart_eyes:


Please count me in.
Ich hoffe, dass ich kommen kann (meine Tochter heiratet den Tag davor).
Gibt es vielleicht noch eine genauere Zeitangabe für Treffen? Nachmittag ist ein ganz leicht dehnbarer Begriff. Für die Tour werde ich aber vermutllich zu müde sein. Also nur Eure Nasen mal wieder sehen und Karten stampeln.

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We would love to participate. My husband and my little daughter will join us. We would like to participate during the afternoon only and leave afterwards (bed time :blush:)
It‘ll be great meeting you again :smiley::+1:


Hallo frewen,
ich möchte nun doch auch abends an der Veranstaltung teilnehmen :smile:

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Ich wäre auch gerne dabei, auch bei der Extraschicht. :blush:

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So, ich war gerade mal über Mittag im Restaurant “Ronja” und habe einen Tisch für unser Treffen reserviert. Ich ergänze im ersten Post die neuen Informationen und freue mich, dass wir schon wieder einen Schritt weiter sind. :slight_smile:

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Ich habe zwei verschiedene Motive für Meetingkarten entworfen, die ich gerne zum Bestellen zur Verfügung stelle. Pro Karte wird der Preis bei 0,45€ liegen.

Motiv 1 (mit dem Turm der Camera Obscura, der quasi direkt neben dem Restaurant im MüGa-Park liegt):

Motiv 2:


I will be glad to exchange)))

Ich würde von jeder Karte 20 nehmen.

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can we swap

Ich nehme 6 pro sorte. Lg

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Ich denke jetzt schon ein paar Tage drüber nach. Darf ich mich mit Fragezeichen anmelden?

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Absolut gerne, liebe @Sanni87! :grinning:

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hier kommt meine Großbestellung! Ich hätte gerne von jeder Karte 50 Stück.
Schickst du die auch vorher zu, damit ich die Adressen vorbereiten kann?

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Ich möchte von beiden Karten je 25 Stück bestellen. Wäre toll, wenn Du mir die vorher schicken könntest :smiley:

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@Mattin62 & @kiddy67 - ist notiert! Ich werde die Karten ca. Ende Mai bestellen, da es normalerweise immer noch ein paar Anmeldungen gibt, wenn der Termin für ein Meeting näherkommt. Ich informiere hier, wenn es soweit ist. Gerne kann ich euch die Karten (gegen Vorausbezahlung & Porto) vorher zusenden. Das klären wir dann am besten in direkten Nachrichten. :slight_smile: