25 January 2024 - Seattle, WA Meetup (Lunar New Year)

I am from Iowa. I would love to do a direct swap of meetup cards with anyone attending this meetup. I have meetup cards from the last 2 meetups in Rochester, MN and the last one in Iowa City, IA. All in 2023. I am currently visiting in Bremerton, but leave on the 31st, so will miss this event. I also have Iowa cards if interested. Thanks, Cathy

Hi Liliac, I have them reserved for you!

Hello! I would like to reserve 10 of design A and 20 for design B, your cards are soooooo lovely! Thanks!

would like 20 of each design horner42 aka papadick 42

Hi @richard42 and @Lynn_00 cards are reserved for you! It will be 0.25 each card, venmo @jiaqing-mo or pay cash on the day of meetup. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m really excited to be going to my first stamp release ceremony! And I plan to come to the meetup. If you print both Card A and Card B, I would like to purchase 20 of each design. Thanks!

@cathybest Happy to swap with you after the event if you’re still looking for someone. Feel free to message me. Thanks!

@Catlover2120 Hi! I have reserved them for you. See you there!

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Hi Annie! I want to reserve 10 for Design A and 22 for Design B, thank you so much!

I’d like to reserve 16 of card A and 24 of card B. I’ll Venmo shortly. Thank you!

Hi @Rinna @luckycherry Cards are reserved for you! See you there! :slight_smile:

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This is so cool! This will be my first stamp dedication ceremony, I’m excited to meet up with people afterwards! I would like to reserve 10 of each postcard design :slight_smile:

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Would love 10 of each design please! Planning to come!

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Hello, I would like to exchange this postcard. I have many Meet Up cards from Hainan, China. If you are willing, you can contact me through this email and I can send you pictures to choose from, 1741474654@qq.com

Wish I could make this one, but I’ll be at work. Looking forward to meeting some Kitsap County postcrossers later on, have fun y’all! :slight_smile:

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Yes, could I please reserve 10 of each card.

Hi @azalienator @tjblevi @seattlestacia ! Cards are reserved for you. See you there! :slight_smile:


What great designs, I would like 25 of design A, if possible. Does the stamp ceremony begin at 11?

Hi @BeckyS , yes! I have reserved them for you!

Hello! I’m looking for an exchange for this card (maxicard) .
My exchanger:

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