25 January 2024 - Seattle, WA Meetup (Lunar New Year)

When: Jan. 25, 2024, at 11 a.m. PST (We will sign some cards after the ceremony)

International District/Chinatown Community Center
719 Eighth Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98104

RSVP: Please click “Going” if you are attending this meetup.
Dedication ceremony attendees are encouraged to RSVP at Lunar New Year | USPS.

:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Sign postcards, share and trade extra cards, visit and socialize with fellow enthusiasts. Please bring pens, signature stamps (if you have one), postage if you wish to mail cards from the meetup, stickers and Washi tape if you like to decorate your cards, and a desire to share holiday traditions with others.
You can bring any postcards to use for the meetup, you’re not required to use any “official” card. :grin:
A meetup card is being designed, and will be available at the meetup for $.25 each. I’ll post the image within the next few days. If anyone wants to get them before the event, please message me.
Please limit your cards to be signed to 25, as more than that can get quite cumbersome.

Note: please select “Going” if you are attending this meetup!

:point_up: Please make sure to read the Meetup Guidelines before signing up for a meetup.

update: postcard design A:

postcard design B: (you can make it into maxi card!)

maxi card example (stamp and postmark can be obtained from the ceremony):

please let me know the amount you would like for each design, venmo @jiaqing-mo or pay cash on the day of meetup.

Thank you!


This looks so fun! I have never been to a stamp dedication ceremony! I’m excited to join and would like to purchase 20 of each design :relieved:


I’m so excited. Your cards are beautiful. Also, I’m excited about the maxi card options!


Hi @MuddyPawsPost thanks! I have put down 20 for each design for you!


Thank you @tjblevi ! Let me know if you want to reserve some cards


I love the designs! I’ll join as long as my schedule works out and would like to reserve 20 cards for each of them. Thank you!

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Hi Annie @hagimomiao, I’d love to join you on the 25th. Please reserve 10 each of the postcards. I’ll Venmo you the money. Kay


Would love to go, and would like to reserve 5 of Card A and 10 of Card B. :purple_heart:


Hi @nofrodelius @tianye4869 @kburrell cards are reserved for you, and looking forward to seeing you!

i have to see if I can get the day off work. Richard will probably want to come if I can get the day off. if I can come, I would want 10 of version A and 15 of version B. thanks. seachange

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papadick42 hope to be there with seachange would like 40 cards

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Hi @richard42 Of course! How many of each design would you like?

Hi @seachange Hope to see you there! I have reserved the cards for you :slight_smile:

I would like 15 of Design A and 20 of Design B pleased

papadick42, love card B

Hi @Buzel Of course :slight_smile: I have reserved the cards. see you then!

@richard42 sure thing. I have reserved 40 of card B for you. See you then!

Hi, these designs are beautiful! I would like to reserve 5 of design A and 20 for design B please and just Venmo’d you. Thank you!

I will not know if I can get Jan 25 off until approximately Jan 3, when my supervisor is back to work

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Hi @quirk got it. See you there!