25 February 2023 - Montclair California Meetup (SoCal)

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Montclair, California (SoCal)
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Moreno St Market (5060 N Montclair Plaza Ln, Montclair, CA 91763)
:calendar: DATE: Feb. 25, 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10:00 am - 2pm
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
-Moreno St Market is the foodcourt at the Montclair Place Mall
-Meet and Greet
-We plan to gather at a long table so that we can pass postcards down the table for signing.
-If you have any postcards/mail related items you like to share or give away, feel free to bring
-Pls post a message if you would like to attend.
Pls feel free to bring your own postcards to sign. If we have no shows, we will open those up for sale.

-Not mandatory, but for convenience and efficiency, bring your signature stamp or stickers (1 inch or smaller), you’ll thank yourself later! I got mine made at rubberstamps.com.

-Cost of postcards will be $0.30 each, you may pay via Zelle now, or, Cash (exact change) on day of meet up (Zelle info below)
-Postcard orders is in increments of 10
-No Limit of cards to be signed due to low attendance. If attendance grows, we can decide as a group
-Last day to place postcard order will be Feb. 4, 2023

@Vandelion - 30 cards / PAID
@Kristi-D - 20 cards / PAID
@tianye4869 - 20 cards / PAID
Yuan (20 cards) / PAID
@kanosis - 30 cards / PAID
@SoullessFish - 10 cards / PAID
@sleepykitty - 20 cards
@llmike007 - 20 cards / PAID
@ohhsayy - 30 cards
@schwan272 - 20 cards
@nocutenik - 10 cards
@wendytel - 20 cards
@sand2sand - 20 cards
@hulamunki - 20 cards / PAID
@Yuchen_and_Z - 20 cards / PAID
@askask11 - 30 cards
@wenchan91 - 30 cards / PAID
@candycorn - 20 cards
@bluenote - 20 cards
@WAREMOM - 20 cards / PAID
@Pyrah +1 - 10 cards / PAID
@Lynneizle - 30 cards
@geetikasinha7 - 10 cards / PAID
@plantsinapot - 10 cards
@pjh52 - 10 cards

To be confirmed:
@lucedelsole (TBC)
@catandmouse (TBC)
@wtcelesta (TBC)
@swan (TBC)


@Kristi-D and I are co-hosting a meetup in Feb 2023. Hope you all can come join us! Postcard design coming soon.


@llmike007 @ohhsayy @tianye4869 @sleepykitty @gmansocal @kanosis @sand2sand @schwan272 @bluenote @askask11 @catandmouse @irenemg @ad7yn @SoullessFish @ilovepiggies_


Great! I’ll be there. Thank you for letting me know!


Count me in!


Are there ever Meetups in Northern California?

Ooh, sounds fun.
I will do my very best to be there.
Thanks for the heads up.


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I have seen meetups in the past for SF and Sacramento.

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I’ll keep a lookout - thanks!

Thanks for tagging me in this @Vandelion!

I think we will be able to make it!

I’m so excited!


Thanks for the heads up – I’ll plan on being there! :smiley:



May be too far for you. But would love to chat with you again!

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@vandelion Thanks for tagging me! This looks great. I’ll be there! I have stickers (kinda like the ones you put on water bottles) that I ordered for the Ontario meetup, but they didn’t make it in time for the November event. I’ll bring those to share! And maybe some more postcards, too. :blush:
Looking forward to our first event in 2023!


Maybe @anon58952012
might be interested?!


Ah!! Too far for me but whenever something a bit closer to me comes up, definitely!

Hi Postcrossers,

Here is at the postcard design for our meetup. I’ve always missed being able to write a message on the back, so this design allows for stamping on the front. Overflow, (or if you prefer the back) you may stamp/sign on the back as well. It is okay if you stamp doesn’t fit perfectly. It is part of the quirk. I am also posting a mock up of what it would look like with a few stamps. I used some signature stamps of some folks that have confirmed attendance (I hope you don’t mind!)

-Postcard size 7x5
-Postcard orders is in increments of 10
-Cost of postcards are $0.30 each
-Last day to place postcard order will be Feb. 4, 2023


The postcard design is fantastic! I love it!

With whom do we place orders? (I’d like 20 cards.)

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I’ll put you down for 20.

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Great card, looking forward! :blush: Good to see so many familiar faces! I’m in for 20 as well :pray:t5:


I agree they are wonderful! Can I order 20 but I’d like another 10 if available.
Thank you! See you then.