25 AUG 2024 - SF Pen Show Postcrossing Meetup 2024!

:world_map: CITY/REGION : San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE : SAN FRANCISCO PEN SHOW 2024, The Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel, 1 Old Bayshore Hwy, Millbrae, CA 94030
:calendar: DATE : AUG 25, 2024 (Sunday)
:alarm_clock: TIME : 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
:pouting_woman: CoHost : @kittymailsnny
:heavy_dollar_sign: ENTRY FEE : The general admission fee for the show is 10$(cash) or 11$(PayPal) payable on the same day at the Westin. This fee needs to be taken care of, by each member attending the meetup individually :slight_smile: More details about the tickets can be found here : SF PEN SHOW GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN OVERVIEW : Meet & Greet followed by signing of the cards whilst playing some fun games and a big raffle at the end.

:point_up: Please make sure to read the Meetup Guidelines before signing up for a meetup.

  • This is not the official postcard!

Hey there, Postcrossing pals!
Join me for an extraordinary Postcrossing Meetup at the renowned San Francisco International Pen Show 2024! Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere filled with fellow postcard enthusiasts and penmanship lovers.

Things to look forward to when at the show :

✿ Postcard Exchange & A Free Pile :
You can bring a signature rubber stamp if you have one (smaller is better). Self-inking stamps dry quickly like an x-stamper, preventing ink smudging. Alternatively, bring pens to sign postcards.
Additionally, you can bring postcards, stickers, washi tapes, or anything else you’d like to share at your table. There will be a “Free Pile” box where you can add postcards that you no longer want. You never know your unwanted postcards might become someone else’s treasure. Got any special postcards or stories to show-off? Bring them along. We love a good postcard tale!
✿ Exclusive Shopping Experience :
Explore a vast array of rubber stamps, stationery, writing tools :fountain_pen: and stationery from numerous vendors.
Whether you’re looking for rare , exquisite stationery, or the perfect pen, you’ll find it here. Here is the full VENDOR’S LIST for this year’s show!
✿ Fun Activities :
Engage in fun-filled raffle and other games designed to celebrate our love for postcards and snail mail. Expect prizes, laughter, and maybe even some snail-related puns :stuck_out_tongue:
✿ Workshops & Seminars :
The Pen Show isn’t just about shopping. Check out the free and paid seminars to geek out over all things penmanship and paper. It’s like school, but way more fun. Check out this year’s CLASSES and SEMINARS

Ready to learn something new or sharpen your skills? Check out their day-by-day lineup of awesome classes and detailed seminars!
DAY 1 : AUG 23, 2024 CLASSES
DAY 2 : AUG 24, 2024 CLASSES
DAY 3 : AUG 25, 2024 CLASSES

✿ Official Postcard Design :
Drumroll, please! :drum: The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! Presenting the exclusive postcard design for our Postcrossing Meetup at the San Francisco International Pen Show 2024 in August!

For more updates regarding the meetup, follow me on Instagram : [geetikasinha7]

Official Collectible Event Stamp :
Updated on June 25, 2024
Get ready for an epic moment at the SF Pen Show Postcrossing Meetup 2024 on August 25th! We’re thrilled to unveil an exclusive event stamp that you can only snag at our meetup. This isn’t just any stamp—it’s a collectible masterpiece designed to make your heart go aww so cute!

Here’s the fun part! Use this fabulous stamp to:

  • Jazz up your postcards: Imagine your cards traveling the world with a unique stamp that shouts “I was there!” :fountain_pen:
  • Beautify your stamp books: Add a splash of charm and a dash of bragging rights to your beloved collections. :books:
  • Spruce up your Traveler’s Notebooks: Give your adventures a special mark that’ll always bring back fond memories. :earth_africa:

Mark your calendars, gather your supplies, and come ready to stamp, sign, and celebrate with fellow enthusiasts. This exclusive stamp is a limited edition treasure, so don’t miss out!

✿ How to Join :

  • RSVP on the Postcrossing website to let me know you’re coming. I’ll save you a spot! RSVP is required as I need an exact headcount for this venue, please reserve your spot as soon as you know you can come by clicking the Going button above.
  • Be prepared to cover the entry fee for the show which is specified above in the details. Worth every penny, I promise!
  • You cannot circulate more than 20 Cards for signing at this event.
  • You do not need to purchase meetup cards to participate. You can bring your own if you’d like for signing.

NO-SHOWS : I understand that unexpected events may prevent you from attending this meetup after purchasing the cards. If this happens, I can mail your cards to you for the cost of USPS shipping + my packaging after the event. Please note the cards for no-shows will not be circulated for signing at the event.

Cost of Cards & Terms of Payment : The printing cost for cards will come out to 50 cents per card. For ordering the cards, please comment below with how many you would like and only order in multiples of 5! In the same comment, also indicate if you would like to pay via Venmo or PayPal. For payment, it is absolutely necessary that you select friends and family option while making the payment. In case, you wanna use the goods and services option then feel free to do so by adding a PayPal/Venmo fee of 2$ to your cards order amount.

If you are planning to pay at venue the same day then please make sure you carry exact change only.

THE CARDS ARE INTENDED SPECIFICALLY FOR MEMBERS WHO WILL BE ATTENDING THIS MEETUP IN PERSON. THEY WILL NOT BE SOLD TO NON-ATTENDEES! The purpose of these cards is to create a memorable keepsake for those present at the show and to enhance the experience of being part of the meetup. If you need one then feel free to arrange a swap with someone already attending the event or let someone buy on your behalf who will be attending the show. Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:

List of Attendees and No. of Cards Reserved/Paid For :

A Member Name No. of Cards Mode of Payment Payment Pre-Stamped Cards Cards Sent
1 @geetikasinha7 20 :fountain_pen: SELF :white_check_mark: YES(20)
2 @kittymailsnny 20 :fountain_pen: SELF :white_check_mark: YES(20)
3 @postcardingwithsuz 30 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20)
4 @luckycherry 30 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(5) SENT
5 @littlemermaidxx 30 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20)
6 @mailedwithlove 30 :fountain_pen: PAYPAL :white_check_mark: YES(15)
7 @lolo8 20 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(15)
8 @sendwashi 20 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20)
9 @LA_Gemini23 30 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20)
10 @capybaracrossing 30 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20)
11 @SonaliS 30 CASH :x: N/A
12 @asuayan 20 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20)
13 @Postcardnstamps 30 :fountain_pen: PAYPAL :white_check_mark: YES(20)
14 @dbb-postal 10 VENMO :x: N/A
15 @PubTech 40 CASH :x: N/A
16 @faxvr 20 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: NO
17 @imhereforthememes53 35 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(10)
18 @mslyoga 50 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20) SENT
19 @lahabladora 30 PAYPAL :white_check_mark: YES(20)
20 @snail_jen 20 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20) SENT
21 @brownbugz 50 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20) SENT
22 @leslyn 30 CASH :x: N/A
23 @pandamascot 15 VENMO :x: N/A
24 @tianye4869 30 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20)
25 @jellydurf 10 CASH :x: N/A
26 @sunshinyday 15 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(10) SENT
27 @bwong 10 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(10)
28 @lynndhk91 20 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20)
29 @hhugel 20 :fountain_pen: PAYPAL :white_check_mark: YES(20)
30 @steph_e_k 15 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(5)
31 @misslyss 25 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(10) SENT
32 @katpostcrossing 15 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: NO
33 @antoniadm09 35 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20) SENT
34 @HobomimiNichijou 10 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(2)
35 @mcrxmy 35 :fountain_pen: PAYPAL :white_check_mark: NO SENT
36 @eevawns 20 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(20)
37 @pcronn 15 :fountain_pen: VENMO :white_check_mark: YES(10)
38 @dragonflowerfly 5 VENMO :x: N/A
39 @mayresc 10 PAYPAL :x: N/A

Deadline for Ordering the Cards : I am not setting a deadline as such for ordering meetup cards because our event happens at another major event. I’m excited to welcome folks who might discover us directly at the show, many of whom may not yet know about the wonderful world of Postcrossing. My goal is to spread the word about our loving community and our mission to make the world a better place, one postcard at a time.
However, after August 10, no new reservations for meetup cards can be made directly here. The left over cards will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the event. Payments can be made in cash (exact change only) or via Venmo!

I am very excited to see you there and make this meetup a blast! Let’s celebrate our love for postcards, penmanship, and all things paper together!

For more information or any questions, please contact me here or via personal Postcrossing message or through my Instagram account. Any mode is welcome hehe

Happy Postcrossing!
Love, Geet

geetikasinha7 & geetswapcards


Don’t know if I can go yet, but will keep an eye on this thread!

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This is so exciting! Will be my first time at the Pen Show! Hopefully the final date/time works for me to come!


Keeping my fingers crossed that the meetup is on Saturday, August 24 :crossed_fingers:t3:
So excited for this!

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As i looked the meet-up card, i thought this gotta be art by Geetika and yep it’s you🥰


Wow, you have got a keen eye! I am impressed you could tell it was me from my drawing style :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for noticing! BTW That pic is not the official meetup card but just something i doodled for the announcement purpose across social media platforms.


@asuayan : I am asking the organizers to keep it for Saturday as my first preference but in case they have any paid seminars and workshops lined up then it will be Sunday :slight_smile:
@LA_Gemini23 : Its gonna be my first too! I am so excited!

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I know someone that works the show every year. Let me see if I can have him convince them to have the meetup on Saturday :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

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That would be fantastic! I really appreciate your help. It would be great to have the meetup on Saturday. Fingers crossed, and thanks again!

But it’s still a great card :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and my pals will join you there :love_letter: @littlemermaidxx


Looking forward to this! My first pen show too!


I love that you’re planning this PC meetup! SF pen show is one of my favorites in the US. I’m bummed that I won’t be making it this year. If anyone wants to swap PC postcards, please reach out! I have a couple of other pen show and various PC meetup cards. I hope everyone has a great time!

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Looking forward to this.

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The Meetup Card is ready! Woohoo :stuck_out_tongue: I have also updated the section “How to order cards” in my main post.


Please sign me up for 25 cards, for which I’ll pay in cash on the day of the meetup. If I am unable to make the event, I will Venmo $12.50 plus the cost of shipping. I’m from SoCal, and this will be my first time attending your SF meetup and attending the SF Pen Show. So exciting.

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@geetikasinha7 I’d like to order 20 cards please. I will Venmo you. Thanks!

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If the meetup is finalized on the 24th I’ll be there!

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Can I reserve 30 cards and will pay via paypal?

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How exciting! I would like to order 30 cards and can pay via Venmo.

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@littlemermaidxx : Mine too! Let me know how many cards would you like and the preference for your mode of payment so i can make a note of it. All the details can be found in my original post that has been updated :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing you there!
@paperglo : Thank you, we’ll miss having you at this meetup but we hope to see you at the next one :slight_smile:
@Angelthepup22 : I hope its the 24th too! Looking forward to seeing you again after a long time :stuck_out_tongue: we never met again after your Sacramento GASS meetup which was also my first Postcrossing meetup that i ever attended :))
@SonaliS : Sounds good :+1:
@asuayan @Postcardnstamps @postcardingwithsuz : I have noted it down :love_letter: and the mode of payment preference. I will be contacting you guys soon once the cards are printed :)) Thank you so much, I am so excited to see you guys at the show!

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