23 April 2022 - Meetup in Hirtenberg

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Hirtenberg / Lower Austria
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Kulturhaus Hirtenberg, Bahngasse 1, 2552 Hirtenberg
:calendar: DATE: 23 April 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: starting from 10 a.m.
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

The „1.Triestingtaler Briefmarkensammler-Verein“ invites us again to hold our Postcrossing meeting at their place in Hirtenberg. Let’s write lots of postcards, talk and have fun together.
There will also be a special post office with various beautiful special postmarks. We will have our own room and will write our postcards HERE.
Snacks for lunch are availabel.
After the meetup SchwesterSusi will take us to a nice “Heurigen” in Leobersdorf where they offer lots of delicious Austrian dishes and we will end the day together. (No postcard writing in the „Heurigen!“!)
When you register for the meetup, please also let us know if you are going to the „Heurigen“ with us afterwards.
We already have a design for our meeting-card. Please write to honeybee directly through Postcrossing (not here) how many postcards you would like to have.

COVID-19 measures: Since we are still in a critical period, we will for now limit the number of attendees to 20 for the meeting. Check the forum again if you are still interested, even though all places are filled: We will re-evaluate whether we can change the number of possible participants in the future. We will also follow the rules set by the government (likely ‘2-G’-rule). Moreover, it is always appreciated if you take extra measures like PCR-testing…

Participants :

  1. Meixi
  2. honeybee
  3. chrisgri
  4. haweiup
  5. Bock
  6. Edelweiss-
  7. loewenmensch
  8. paladru
  9. barbara58
  10. wandafan
  11. Fabia0912
  12. SchwesterSusi
  13. +Toni
  14. luckystarshine
  15. Steffi
  16. amaterasu98

Waiting List:

  1. ….
  2. ….
  3. ….

strange to say

this meeting is almost full because names have already been put down, but the people have not registered themselves here.
this is against the rules


:slight_smile: looking forward to it! Will join to the Heurigen as well.

Fine,i’m looking forward to this Meetup. Hope i can join the Heurigen too.

I am looking forward to the meetup! I will be a bit late (10.23), since the train connection…
I would also join the Heurigen, I am just depending on public transport :stuck_out_tongue:

As we are still in the middle of the pandemic, it was necessary to check in advance whether anyone was taking part. The list will grow longer as infection numbers normalise.
It’s a postcrossing meeting, not a forum members meeting, so people can sign up via postcrossing as well. There are also Postcrossers who are not Forum members.


I am looking forward to this meeting and will also enjoy the Heurigen!

Komme auch gerne zum Heurigen mit

Nice meet up card! Wish you guys have a wonderful meetup.
Will any members like to swap this card with me? Looking forward to your reply. :relaxed:

I am looking also forward to this meeting in April and will also join the Heurigen!

Hi! Is someone interested in swap? I can offer some meet- up cards from St.Petersburg or anything from my swap- album на обмен – 523 Bilder | VK

I will be glad to exchange)))

I love this card! Someone would like to swap with me?

I will join the meeting and afterwards the Heurigen as well! :slight_smile:

I’d love to join and also go to Heurigen afterwards. How do I register?

Hi amaterasu98! :blush: I have already added you to the list of participants. I look forward to your coming!

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I will be glad to exchange. :fire: My exchanger:

Hello to everyone!

I’ll be glad to swap for the meet up card =)

My offer Yuliya | Zonerama.com

It’s a beautiful meetup postcard.
But i can’t swap.

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I, too, think it’s a totally beautiful meeting-card! :heart_eyes:

Have fun, I’ll be thinking of you! :slightly_smiling_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: