23 April 2022 - Meetup in Hirtenberg

I feel sorry, but i can’t join.I’m sick, catched a flue :frowning: and have to stay home.

Thank you, @honeybee and co-signers, for the great meetup-card from Hirtenberg, which I found in my mailbox today! :smiley:

Send me a dm

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Hello Desiree:
Thank you for willingness swap postcard with me. But I must first ask where you are from. Because I made a big mistake recently, I am from Taiwan, because of the epidemic and the war, my country has suspended the mail delivery service of some countries, I let the person who exchanged postcards with me is disappointed because my country is currently unable to deliver letters to hers, and I am really sorry to her.

Best wishes

My offer :blush:

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Thank you @honeybee for the card. :slight_smile:

Hello! I have received a meeting card but I can’t see who send it, as there are many “rubberstamps”. Thank you very much for the wonderful card and please contact me! :heart:

Today I received this lovely meeting card. But… I’m not sure who I have to thank for this great card as there are only name stamps on it and not a line “sent by…”
Anyway, thank you very much for this great card and I would love to know who has send me this great card, so please contact me!