22nd May 2021, Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) – ✨ First Postcrossing Meet-up in Kyrgyzstan!

EDIT: If you want to receive more meet-up postcards, please make sure to read this post!

:world_map: City, Country: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
:pushpin: Meet-up Place: Бишкекский почтамт (Bishkekskiy pochtamt, Chuy Avenue, 96)
:calendar: Date: 22nd May 2021
:alarm_clock: Time: 1.00 PM
:page_facing_up: Meet-up Plan: Writing postcards together and handing them to the postal worker at the Бишкекский почтамт! Maybe having some ice-cream and Shoro drinks as well, since it’s going to be hot outside!

Here’s the postcard! Please click on the image to see all the details :wink:
We’ve had a quick discussion, and we’ll be able to send out 6 postcards for private swaps! Please write below in case you want a postcard – I’ll try to arrange these swaps with the other Kyrgyz postcrossers!


I would love to swap! Thank you and have a wonderful time!

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Wow! Amazing! Congratulations, Christian!
I’d love to get a postcard from this historical meeting. :heart_eyes:
Have fun!

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That’s terrific!!! Good for you for helping spread the love of Postcrossing! I would love to swap for a card! I hope you have a great time! Are there any special local Kyrgyzstan ice cream flavors?

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I would like to swap!Have a great time!

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I would like to make an exchange. And that would be my first map with Kyrgizistan and allow me to get to know this country better. Have a nice day

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Would like to swap… :blush:

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I’d also love to swap, let me know if you still have them available!

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I would love to swap if any are left

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Well, the ice creams here are tasty because they’re all natural! The nature in Kyrgyzstan is breathtaking, and I guess that’s also the reason why the milk here is so good. Even the ice creams sold in supermarkets have that special taste that can’t be easily found elsewhere. And I’m confidently saying this after a lifetime’s worth of traditional Italian ice creams!

@Everyone else: I will be contacting the first six people who have replied in the next few days. One of our meet-up members (Elena) is active on Instagram, so more than six people will be able to get their postcards! (I won’t be the one organising these private swaps though.) Head over to @postcard_swap_kg!

Please keep posting here though, even if you’ll be contacting Elena on Instagram, so that I can keep track of everything :wink:

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I would like to swap, in future I want to visit Kyrgyzstan!


I’d love to exchange cards if possible, please. :blush:

I would like to swap
offer here!

Hi! We will be able to send out 6 postcards… However, you can still receive one from the meet-up! Just read what I’ve written here. As I’ve said, one of our members is active on Instagram, so you could organise your swaps with her on that platform. Still make sure to write here that you’ve communicated with her, so that I can keep track of everything!

Please do come! It’s a country with landscapes that can be found in Switzerland, in the United States, and even in the Maldives! There are red canyons, white snow-clad peaks and beautiful lakes (and some very fancy resorts!).

By the way, it’s “Kyrgyzstan” :wink: I know, it’s very difficult! But this might help: just think of it as the land (“-stan”) of the Kyrgyz people. Kyrgyz-stan! In Italian, it’ll be the land (“-stan”) of the kirghisi, so “Kirghizistan”!

@admins I have already written it here, but I’ll just rewrite it in case you’ve missed the other post! It seems that this meeting still hasn’t been added to the calendar, although more recent ones have already been added. Is this normal? Thank you for reading and sorry for the inconvenience :blush:


Sorry for the error :sob: and thank you for explaining :grinning:

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Greetings from the USA, and congratulations on the upcoming first meetup! :icecream:

I see there are other people wanting to swap ahead of me, so I contacted Elena on instagram to see if she would like to trade.

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Hey, since this is my first meet-up, can anyone tell me why it still isn’t in the calendar? Many other meet-ups have already been added, even ones that have just been posted a few minutes ago. Do you think I made some mistakes? Although it’s been up for a few days now, I’m still yet to see this meet-up in the calendar…

Thank you very much for your encouragement! I’m super excited and can’t wait to meet all the passionate Kyrgyz postcrossers I’d managed to reach out to!

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Hey everyone! Just a reminder – you can still get your card from Kyrgyzstan! As I’ve explained above, there are other ways you can contact us and receive your postcard :wink:

Update: Yesterday I was at ПикАрт, where we discussed everything concerning our meet-up postcards. It’s so exciting to see how they work and the big sheets they print their stuff on! We also discussed prices, obviously. If you’re interested, let me just tell you that one single card cost me 10 soms (see for yourself how much that is in your own currency! Mind-blowingly cheap!).

Here are two pictures of my little walk in the city centre (I live in the outskirts). Only downside: it was so hot! Almost 30°C… And to think that, just two months ago, we had -15°C…

(Click on the images to enlarge!)