22nd May 2021, Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) – ✨ First Postcrossing Meet-up in Kyrgyzstan!

I hope you will have a virtual meet up soon too. I want to learn more about kyrgyzstan… your culture, food, festivals and lots of things too. Aside from the fact i find that there are some beautiful olaces to visit too

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Thank you! The meet-up on the 22nd won’t be virtual, but I get what you mean! If we do a virtual meet-up, we’d be super happy to have you as one of the participants :smile:

Yes! Many Kyrgyz have told me about Manas (their national hero) and have described their culture and traditions. I was surprised to hear how far back the history of the Kyrgyz people goes! And the food here is great too, you’ll never be hungry!

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Tell us more about setting up the first ever meet-up in Kyrgyzstan. Did you just do a search on the website to find out what members are in the country and invite them? Are people mostly in Bishkek or coming from far away? Are you talking to your friends/neighbors/co workers who don’t do Postcrossing and inviting them so they can learn about it and perhaps enjoy it?

I’d be happy to swap with one of you :slight_smile: I can offer cards from Norway, and also from our special island in the North - Svalbard :slight_smile:

There are few Kyrgyz postcrossers. I found them through the website and now we’re on good terms – we have our own chat and we talk about everything postal! Most of the postcrossers who have agreed to come are from Bishkek and the neighbouring towns. There are no highways in Kyrgyzstan, so coming from other regions takes a while and could be a hassle.

Yes, all the time! In fact, the number of postcrossers in Kyrgyzstan increased (well, by a very small amount). Mainly university students from the Humanities University, with whom I’ve spoken a few months ago.

By the way, I’ve updated the meet-up plan. Now we’re also going to have some Shoro drinks! You’ve probably never heard of them, but they’re all the rage here in Kyrgyzstan – in fact, they’re considered to be Kyrgyz national drinks! Check the description here. These drinks have a pretty unique taste… Some foreigners think that they’re horrible. Personally, I love them!


Hmmm I find these Shoro drinks interesting. Here is another link about them:

But I don’t think I’m really getting a sense of what they taste like. I guess I’ll have to wait until I make it to Central Asia!

I’d like to swap, pls let me know if you still have them available! I can provide Putian meet-up postcards to swap.

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Hi! Please see here for swap-related queries. I hope you’ll also get your card from Kyrgyzstan :blush:

Kyrgyz people love giving Shoro drinks to foreigners and see their reaction… I have a friend who said that it tastes like seawater! Many people find it disgusting – I guess enjoying Shoro is similar to enjoying beer… acquired taste!

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is there any chance to swap with u?
I can offer you taiwan’s pc meetup

and these

Hi! Sorry for the late reply – I’ve been busy lately.
Sure, in order to get your postcard from Kyrgyzstan, you could try and contact Elena Rubtsova, which can be reached here. You could try and organise a swap with her :blush:

@Everyone else: If you are also going to contact Elena, please write it here as well, so that I can keep track of how many people we’re going to exchange postcards with.

I contacted Elena but she didn’t answer

Elena’s swaps are organised separately, so it’s something I have no control over :wink: It really just depends on how she handles her swaps. Just shoot your shot! Nothing is guaranteed, obviously… But it could be worth it!

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hello :grinning: if someone can send a meetup postcard from this meetup, please contact me and we can try to swap :grinning: :mailbox_with_mail: :grinning: thank you very much :grinning: the latest meetup in italy was in february 2020, few weeks before lockdown and there’s no new meetup in the following months :sob:

Hello :slight_smile:

I want to find an exchange for this postcard.
I can offer:

Hey @stefbot75 and @Maria_Naumchenkova, thank you for your posts! Please read the information in the first post to learn more about private swaps etc. – you might still be able to get your postcards in time!

By the way, the day of the meet-up is approaching and it’s really exciting! I hope it won’t be too hot in Bishkek… Looking forward to sending out all these postcards!

Greetings from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan! Sorry for updating you so late – after the meeting, I took a flight to the southern city of Osh, where I managed to get into Uzbekistan! So I was busy travelling the whole time. And now, after having come back to Bishkek, I finally have some free time to tell you that… the meet-up was a success!

Here are some pictures that I’m uploading with everyone’s consent. We’re a diverse bunch: high-school and university students, a professor and much more! Everyone has Postcrossing as their common interest. We spent hours talking about our experiences: happy moments, daily struggles and funny anecdotes…

Big thanks to Aselai, Gulzat, Aidana and Elena’s awesome family!

And here’s a group picture taken in front of the “Big Ben” building in Bishkek. The central post office is located right here!

I also think that we’re going to have a new Postcrossing Ambassador: Gulzat’s niece Aidana created a video of our meet-up which she promptly shared online. Many people found Postcrossing to be an interesting idea and told her that they’d also like to start doing it! Aidana is still using her aunt’s account – she doesn’t have her own one yet. But I’m sure that she deserves the Postcrossing Ambassador badge as soon as she signs up!


Your wonderful postcard was received in great condition here in Connecticut, USA! Due to personal circumstances there was a long delay in posting so I am sorry about that. Congratulations on your first successful meetup!

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My only official card from the meet-up was registered yesterday! 156 days… If you still haven’t received your postcard, just be patient! For some reason, it’s taking longer than usual.

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I would love to swap!