22 May 2022 - How about an NYC meetup?

:world_map: CITY/REGION: NYC
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Washington Square Park. We can meet by the Garibaldi statue.
:calendar: DATE: May 22, 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 3 p.m. / 15:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Lets each bring three postcards, one to send, one of your favorites that you’ve received to share with the group, and one to swap.

I’ve searched the meetup forum and I haven’t seen an NYC meetup group. Now that spring is here we can do something outside. I chose Manhattan since it’s central to the boroughs. Chime in if you’re interested. I’d love to connect with some locals.

  • I’m totally in support of handmade/self printed postcards but it’s a controversial topic apparently. For the swap please bring a “real” postcard.

  • You don’t have to live in the 5 boroughs to attend, or even NY. If you’re from NJ or CT, or anywhere else, you’re welcome to attend.


I’m so down! Thanks for this wonderful idea @VittoriaforPeace

Have you seen this thread?

For any other NYCers interested in meetups in the Tri-State area:

NYC is so vast, there’s gotta be a number of us post crossers out here! <3


I Did not see that - thanks!

October is so far away. Is the date I chose too soon? I’m totally new to this so I do t know if I’m supposed to be following a format of some kind.


Hi. I am interested in attending. Sandy


I think it’s fine! In fact, I met a couple of post crossers who were just expressing their interest in NYC meet ups! @paperglo @askask11 @shanicat Hope to see you guys there!


Hi All :slight_smile: I just realized I have an art workshop that day, so I won’t make it @anon61339945 :sob: but I went ahead and added the meetup to the upcoming meetups list on the Tri-State thread :smiley: I love these meetups and hope we can do them more around the area.


Love this idea! I’m going to a concert in Brooklyn that night, so I’ll just need to remember to bring a phone charger and something sturdy to keep the cards safe in. But I’m very interested in meeting up!


Great! Can’t wait to meet you. :blush:

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I need some guidance here.
There’s a postcard show on 21 and 22 May at the New Yorker Hotel (481 8th Ave).
I was planning to attend on 21 May.

It appears Washington Square Park is about 2 miles from the New Yorker Hotel.
For me, that’s a reasonable walk.
Is it feasible to walk?

If I attend the postcard show by myself I can adjust to going to the meet-up on Sunday versus Saturday. If others attend the show with me (and that is a possibility), I would not make the meet-up.

Will be back in touch.

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OMG I had no idea there was a postcard show in town! I totally want to go. Is it easy to sign up or do I have to be in the trade?

It’s not difficult at all to walk anywhere in New York City. So yes, you can definitely walk it.

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NM I found it. It’s $7 entry (if you’re not a member of the metropolitan postcard club, of which I am not). Should we have the meet up there instead? How serendipitous!


I am not a member of the Metropolitan Postcard Club either.
For me, their postcard show is a great way to purchase cards and I do love going through the quarter boxes.

Let me know if you are changing the location.
The advantage of the park – is no cost.
The advantage of meeting up at the postcard show – no exposure to weather. Rain, wind, hot sun, etc is not a problem because you’re inside.
In the fall, there was a reception area outside the postcard show room. Had to pay to enter the postcard show room.
So if people meet outside the show room?

It appears my postcrossing buddy can’t make the postcard show on either date.
Just want to discuss plans with my husband – so he knows where I am on what day.

PM me. Actually, I’m heading into NYC tonight for a concert… rain in the forecast is keeping me and my co-worker to show only – no walking around, Bummer!

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I really like the idea of moving the meeting to the postcard show. As he pointed out we won’t have to worry about whether, plus, we can check out all sorts of fun postcard stuff. I have to say the idea of a $.25 postcard makes me tingle all over lol.

I definitely need to keep it on the 22nd as I have a commitment on the 21st.


I will be in Manhattan (traveling from California) for my daughter’s college graduation at this time and would enjoy meeting at the postcard show. Serendipitous, indeed.

Please confirm meet-up location.


I will confirm shortly. I’m having an issue editing the topic and info. I’m in the twilight zone apparently with no “pencil” to edit.

For sure I’m going to move the meetup to the postcard show.

It closes at 5 and I had set up our meetup time at 3 - should we make it earlier?


I’m good with 3-5pm meet-up near the Registration table of the postcard show.

3pm allows folks to rummage through those quarter boxes, have lunch then do the meet-up and be home at a reasonable time (for those like me taking the train back).

So, I’ll plan to be at the show on SUNDAY, 9am! Postcard shop, lunch and meet all of you!
Perhaps we’ll stumble into each other at the postcard vendor tables.

Note: I do not come to postcard shows as my karaoke character (avatar picture).

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Three to five p.m. at the show! Wonderful. See you there and then.


Is the postcard show huge? Will I need serious time to shop?

Was told the York Postcard show is the biggest (unsure if biggest on East Coast, Tri-State area or USA). Vendors were telling me York is the “big” show.

In my opinion, this NYC show is big. Held 2x a year - May and November. I have been to the November 2021 show. This year, I can make the May – can’t do November due to a vacation.

In November, I arrived shortly after show began at noon. Sat down immediately at one vendor to go through his quarter boxes. Then another vendor - then did a 1.5 hour lunch break. Returned to the show to go through more quarter boxes – left when show ended at 6pm. (If the vendors would have stayed longer, I would have stayed longer!)

I probably spent $50 – all quarter postcards. All blank. That is the thrill – the quarter boxes are full of w/s and blank cards. I developed a system to sort through those boxes looking for blank only.
At the show I also purchased postcard sleeves (which I want to purchase again).

For the May show, I plan to arrive in NYC at 8:48am – and head directly to the New Yorker. Shop till a lunch break - then back at it until 3pm.

It’s a 1.5 hour train ride — my bag will be full of treasures on the way home.

If acceptable – could I create a meet-up card?
I certainly can send you a preview.



Hi Barb,

OK - that does it! I’m coming early! As if I need more postcards. LOL What is w/s? Wholesale?

Absolutely create a meetup card! I love that idea. Is that a thing? I’m still new.

I’m so excited!