22 April 2023 Meetup in Ulsteinvik

I got the day off😊 So I’m ready for take off.

:tada: Very nice!! :smile:
I don’t have time during the day, but let me look into flights and the rental car this evening.

And there is room for one more in the car, if someone else is interested :hugs:

So how much luggage would you say you would bring for this weekend?
Will the luggage space in Leisha’s mum’s car be OK? Or do we need more, like her dad’s car? :slight_smile:

Don’t know Leisha’s mum or dad’s car, but I will have a luggage that can be brought on the plane.

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First thing first: we have the option of Ørsta or Ålesund airport. From Ørsta there is 0,5 hour drive to the hotel. from Ålesund roughly 2 hours (includes a ferry). Ørsta costs a bit more in flight ticket (and I guess they have fewer seats available) and rental car. About 800 more in ticket per person and 5-600 more in total for the car (2200 or 1670, which we divide between us) if we choose a Toyota Corolla sized car.

So which airport do you vote for @KAS @Baguetta @LeishaCamden ?

I don’t mind some sightseeing from Ålesund :wink: but then of course I don’t drive. I’d prefer to save the extra cash, but if the designated driver chooses Ørsta I can live with that too.

I’m not planning to have any checked luggage, so 1 carry-on size suitcase for me. :blush:

I don’t mind sightseeing either. I chose Ålesund.

I’m thinking there is lots to see :star_struck:

Half an hour drive is tempting, but the flight cost to Ålesund is even more tempting :face_with_peeking_eye: and I don’t mind driving the extra distance. In choosing Ålesund we could go see Blimsanden beach too. It’s right by Ålesund airport :slight_smile:

Think I will have checked luggage.

A regular Corolla should work fine, at Ålesund it’s about 1670.-. We’ll split the fuel/ferry/extra car stuff afterwards.

Just trying to make a list here over who is going, so easier for me to keep track, when it comes to reservation of tables at the restaurant.
Correct me if im wrong, or if i missed anyone.


  1. notme1978
  2. Kas
  3. Tanumine
  4. Baguetta
  5. LeishaCamden
  6. TonePost

Also when it comes to ferry, just a tip. When renting the car, ask if they got ferge brikke or bompenge brikke on the car, and how they work with that. If the rental car got any of thoose 2 things, then the ferry will be cheaper, depending on which brikke it has.

Ørsta is closer travel wise, but the widerøe tickets costs more. Also if anyone got any issues (like phobia, etc) for tunnels, then i wouldnt recommend travelling from Ørsta. As you would have to drive through a couple of tunnels, but the main one is Eiksundtunnelen, which is the world second largest and deepest sea tunnel.

I think you missed @TonePost? See above.

I am missing on your list. Will you add me please? @notme1978

There are also 2 undersea tunnels from Vigra airport to Ålesund. So unfortunately there are no way to get around tunnels either you travel via Ørsta or Vigra. Welcome to Sunnmøre - the land of ferries and tunnels :slight_smile:

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Though very very beautiful land :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Will there be a meetup card?

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If we are set on flying to Ålesund, I suggest this:

With Norwegian
Oslo-Ålesund 0815-0915
Ålesund-Oslo departure 1515 or 1755.
@Baguetta I guess you would prefer return from Ålesund at 1515? Or is it the same to you?

With SAS
Oslo-Ålesund 0805-0900
Ålesund-Oslo 1320 or 1735

Preferences? @KAS @LeishaCamden Norwegian seems a wee bit cheaper than SAS.

Hmmm, Norwegian are cheaper, but flights back home with SAS are better. The bus home goes 10 over every hour.
Anyway, no rush getting out of the plane on the way home😂

I have no problem using Norwegian on Friday and SAS on Sunday, if that fits better :slightly_smiling_face: