22 April 2023 Meetup in Ulsteinvik

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Ulsteinvik (Sunnmøre)
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Napoli restaurant, Sjøgata 61, Ulsteinvik
:calendar: DATE: Saturday 22 April 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Postcard writing, social time, and dinner/lunch time for thoose that want.
Also if someone wants to meet up beforehand, to go postcard shopping at the local bookstore, then we can also arrange that too. And the restaurant don`t open before 12, so we got enough time before that to do other things.

Frammr is the website (think there is an app also), where you can check when the bus, hurtigbåt and ferry goes.
In Ulsteinvik there is only 1 hotel, Quality Hotel Ulstein, which is about 2 minutes walk from the bus stop. Then you got Ivar Aasen hotel in Ørsta, which is about 30-35 minutes drive by car from Ulsteinvik. And various hotels in Ålesund.
How to get to Ulsteinvik: Car, if you drive yourself. There is also the option of either taking the night bus or day bus from Oslo, this takes about 10 hours.
The closest train station is in Åndalsnes. But, you would have to take a bus from Åndalsnes to Ålesund, then boat (hurtigbåten) from Ålesund to Hareid.
Airports: Ørsta/Volda Hovden. Takes about 5-10 minutes walk to the nearest bus top, then take that bus there to Furene, change bus there to Ulsteinvik. At Hovden it is only Widerøe flights.
Vigra, which is more optional when it comes to flights to and from Oslo, since here you have variety when it comes to flight companies, and goes more often flights.
If any more questions, ask, and i will do my best to answer.
And yes, this is my first time hosting an meet up, so if i mess up on something here, let me know.


I want to come, but I have to look at how to get there & how long to stay. 10 hours in bus a from Oslo each way in a weekend is a veeeery long trip (and I don’t live in Oslo, so have to get there & back too!). Thinking about it :innocent: :grin:

Will you sign me up for this meet please? I dont need a hotel since I live just a 30 kms away direction Ålesund.

If you comes with a plane to Vigra, you can take the airport bus from Vigra airport to Ålesund - passengerboat from Ålesund to Hareid - bus from Hareid to Ulsteinvik. I think that is the easiest way to get from the airport to Ulsteinvik.

I can also mention, if you have a late arrival upon arriving…or an early deaprture on departure day and just want a bed to stay the night, have a look at https://www.smartrom.no/
It is just a 4 minutes walk from the airport teminal.
Smartrom have no reception and are therefor unattended.
After your order is registered and paid for you will receive an email with your booking confirmation. Codes for the main door and your assigned room will be sent out the same day as your arrival, approx. between 12:00-15:00. These are sent on both email and SMS, so it is important to check that this information is correct when you place your order.

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I’ll be glad to join - i “just” need to figure out how to come from Stavanger :slight_smile:
Will inform if i can :crossed_fingers::sparkling_heart:

Ooh, i didn`t know about the smartrom site, good to know about.
And cool, i didnt know there were other Sunnmøringer active on postcrossing lol.

I was gonna say, if you live along the bus route you could always take bus from there. But then i had to look at your profile, and i dont think that bus goes through your city. I hope you do decide to come, if you can figure out a not so long travel time route.

Definitely interested!! Maybe a rented car from Vigra? Is that a possibility too? Google maps says it’s a 2 hours+ drive Vigra-Ulsteinvik.

I just had to google it lol. But looks like there are some companies that offer car renting from Vigra. Just type car rent from Vigra.
Not i dont remember the excact time from Vigra. But ferry from Sulesund to Hareid takes about 20-25 minutes. And to drive from Hareid to Ulsteinvik about 10 minutes or so. But i would guess about 50-60 minutes or so, from Vigra to Sulesund

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I will look into it :+1:

I did not know either :slight_smile: Cool :slight_smile:

Keep me posted on what you find if you are interested in a passenger in your rented car :wink:

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Hello, fellow Postcrossers! :smiley:

I’m looking into travel details. We got a bit excited at the Rune meetup discussing this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We’re thinking Friday to Sunday. Flights Friday 21st are these options: 0815 with Norwegian or 0805 with SAS. Next flight is at 1300 with SAS. Personally I think that leaves too little left of Friday so I will prefer one of the first two. I’ve had a Google flight search running for some weeks, and the prices go both up and down. So keeping an eye on that would be wise.

Quality Hotel Ulstein has checkin at 1500, but I’m sure we can find something to do with our time until then :innocent: Checkout on Sunday is 07-12. Prices seems to be around 3000.- breakfast included for a doble room 2 nights. Here I just did a fast search on Trivago.

I’m going to rent a car, and have room for up to 4 passengers. If I look at a car with suitable space for 5 persons, the price is around 1500.- (driving expences not included). The car ride takes 1,5-2 hours.
Let me know in “reasonable time” if you want to share the rental car with me.
2 LeishaCamden
3 Baguetta

I’m really looking forward to this! Thank you for the initiative @notme1978 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great, save me a seat please :slight_smile: :oncoming_automobile: If I can crash at Leisha’s or at yours, Tanumine, an 8am flight is totally doable :rofl:

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If I go, I would like to have a seat.

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@KAS maybe we can both stay the night at Tanumine’s house beforehand :smile:

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That might be arranged :thinking:

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I got vacation approved for Friday April 21st now, so I’m all kinds of ready to book my flight whenever we agree on exactly which flights to book :smile:

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My vacation day is now also approved! :star_struck:

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Still waiting for an answer from my leader. She has been on winter vacation.
If I will get the day off, I will attend. Have anyone booked anything yet? Flight, hotel?

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I don’t think anyone has booked anything yet. @Tanumine tell us what to book, please :grin: