2024 Postcrossing Goals/Resolutions?

I’m curious if anyone has postcard related goals or resolutions for the new year?

I don’t like the word “resolutions” since I always fail at them, but a few goals I have this year…

  • Send 200 officials
  • Get my UNESCO collection to 50% of the inscribed sites (I have 45% of the approx. 1100 sites so far)
  • Organize my blank cards and received cards so I can actually find things!!

Hello Karolyn🤗
Yeah, organizing all my postcrossing related things is a very good point.
Let’s see, if I’ll reach the 500th sent card.
I also should restrict myself with buying postcards. It’s so hard… (I’m now having about 400 in my stock - ready to send out)


My only real goal is to keep my slots filled - that is to send a postcard soon after a spot becomes available. It’s much more fun when I stay on top of it. It’s hard when you’re a new Postcrosser and you don’t have many spots open, but now I’m at a point (16 I think) where it’s a good number that provides regular fun mail! So my goal is to keep it up :slight_smile: Happy New Year, all! :tada:


From easiest goals to hardest:

  1. I’d like to reach 100 official sent cards. I’ve been a member for over 10 years and still haven’t reached it, but 2024 is the year!

  2. This World Postcard Day, I’d like to attend a meetup, or at least be out of town. I prefer sending cards while I’m traveling.

  3. I’d love to buy fewer postcards and swap the ones I already have. :sweat_smile:


I have a challenge with @LiveLaughLoveLeafs to send each other a postcard every week.

You can join if you like.



My Postcrossing goal for 2024 is to reach 500 sent and 500 received cards (I’m at 340 on both now). I wish to send more official cards than tags/RR/private swaps. That’s actually my only postcard related goal :smile:


My postcrossing goals for 2024

To hopefully be able to send official postcards from more rare countries,
I already have Gibraltar :gibraltar: that I’ll be visiting, and hopefully Jersey :jersey: and Guernsey :guernsey: as well and my new favourite place Isle of Man :isle_of_man:

To make it to 500 postcards as well, it should be do able.


+1 on hitting 500

Fingers crossed the registrations come briskly!


My postcrossing goal is to send and receive more official cards with meaningful/interesting words.


To only buy cards in person and not online, at least for the first few months. Maybe til Easter…

Edit 6th Jan. I have to confess… :pensive: I did actually break this resolution yesterday but not to buy cards for Postcrossing - they were vintage cards and photos of one of my favourite places. Still, I feel very guilty so I’ll try again to be better and have more self-control.

  • To send more cards than I buy and reduce the stash a bit
  • To reach a full bingo in the USA in a year Bingo (ie to send or receive from 50 states).

I’d like to reduce my stash a bit too! I think my resolution for PC will be to send more, buy less - ideally, all I’ll buy will be stamps for a while :slight_smile:


Happy New Year everyone! I have a few Postcrossing goals I’d like to achieve this year:

  • 200 official cards sent…100 is coming up soon (probably later this month)
  • Finish creating my Postcrossing journal - mostly to keep track of collections, postcard pals, swaps, etc.
  • Organize my postcard collection - not only for cards received, but also to organize the large stash I have so I don’t have to look at every card I have every time I need to send a card.
  • I also need to figure out what I have in terms of UNESCO WHS so that I can be more involved with trades and tags.
  • Be mindful of open slots so I can send more cards while travelling, even if it’s only from other parts of Japan.
  • Ideally, buy fewer postcards, but it’s hard to resist whenever I come across new or interesting ones. The best and worst thing about being a Postcrosser in Japan is that you never need to worry about finding postcards anywhere, because they are everywhere, not to mention washi tape, stickers, etc. Maybe it would be more realistic to make a monthly budget and try to stick to that instead. :wink:
  • Create an online postcard album somewhere, so I have easy access to cards available to trade, and/or to show collections of what I already have.
  • Try creating some of my own (photo) postcards so that I can trade with others who do the same. You can buy thick washi paper postcards here specifically for that purpose, I just have buy more of them.

These are just a few of the big ones, I have smaller goals as well but this post is already long enough!


Wow, @mooseontheloose that’s really ambitious goals! :astonished:

I, too, would like to get the cards I have to send off, in an order, that allows me to NOT look at most cards before finding the ‘right’ card.

I would looove to send some cards in travel mode from abroad, but that won’t happen, so I might just as well forget about it. :roll_eyes:


My goal is to not buy any postcards at all in January, let’s see if I can stick to it! :crossed_fingers:t2:


Hit 500 officials (to non-Postcrossers this sounds very agressive. I’m actually a very peaceful woman :innocent:) and organise my received cards in binders.


My goal is to reduce the number of or completely use up the Irish stamps I have by mid year as I will be moving country again in summer. For me this will mean not using the travel mode.


I like this idea! I will write out my personal resolutions here, and then at the end of the year I can come back and see if I was successful.
My first goal is always to send more official cards this year than I did last year. I sent 408 official cards in 2023, so I need to send at least 409 in 2024.
I also want to Send official postcards with travel mode from 10 new countries, Attend at least 5 meetups, and help establish a local Postcrossing group in my community.


I didn’t do a ton of Postcrossing in 2023, so I like the idea of setting some Postcrossing goals for the new year! (Plus, having done very little means I can set very modest goals! Haha)

So my goals are:

  • send at least 1 official card each month
  • participate in at least one forum game each month
  • try and find a better storage solution for my Postcrossing things + penpal letters

I think that’s doable! Happy New Year and Happy Postcrossing everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My biggest goal is to send one postcard every day in 2024! Outside of that, maybe I’ll aim for 500 total official cards sent as well, since I’m at 427 now. :smile: