2024 Permanent and Temporary Postmarks are now online!

I’ve been contacting AusPost regularly for the last couple of months to ask when the new postmarks would be on their site (given they’re no longer in Stamp Bulletin), and, after multiple rounds of ‘in another week or two’, they’re finally here!

The ‘Gateway to the Rainforests’ one is quite pretty!


I am puzzled regarding the Kyogle pictorial postmark - a new one was issued in 2020 and under normal circumstances would still be in use. Maybe it was lost ! Stanley is even more puzzling, the PO issued a pictorial in 2022 and the one shown is identical to it.

Generally speaking pictorial postmarks last for around ten years, after this time the correct year will not show in the dateline.

The non-pictorial counter date stamps shown are referred to as pictorial types by Australia Post, why do they do this?


You raise some very good points! Maybe we should petition for a Q&A with someone from the postmarking department…

As it stands, my enquires for postmark info are almost always unanswered.

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I was just looking at these on the website, and I thought “If anyone knows why they do this, it’s Bowyum”, so I came here to ask you, and now I have my answer! :wink:

Sorry that I have no explanation for the listing of these non-pictorial types :). I think they first appeared in the Bulletin in 2022, I must admit that I haven’t been taking much notice of them, as I find that keeping track of the actual pictorial ones gives me enough to do .

The pictorial for Condamine, just announced, is the first one to be used at this post office. According to my records this brings the total number of post offices which have ever issued at least one pictorial postmark to 781 - I am missing two of them. The actual number of pictorials issued by these POs is 1345. I am missing around a dozen of them. This does not include all the slightly altered unannounced replacements obtained over the years, many hundreds of these.


That’s amazing! Do you have (or know where to find) a list that you are willing to share? I’m always trying to find specific topics for self-made maxis but AusPost don’t make it simple!

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I actually did some proper, first person research, in-between my first post and now. On the way home from work, I stopped in to the Fitzroy South PO. She had no idea about it, and we compared the postmark they use daily with what is shown on the website, and they are indeed identical. But she was as flumoxed as the rest of us.

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I actually started compiling a list once - initially just pulling the data from the website, but with the aim of going wider. I need to revive that project.

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I am working on a list of current pictorials - of course the only way to be sure a postmark is current is to obtain or see an example dated 2024, so there is no cast iron guarantee that every one listed is still available. For instance, I assumed that the pictorial allocated to GPO Melbourne Post Shop in 2021, depicting a historic
postbox was still available until I discovered that it closed in February this year. There are around 300 pictorials currently available as far as I know.


Oh that’s disappointing to hear about the Melbourne GPO — I was sending a friend to post some cards there with it for me next week!

Anyway, I’d be really grateful to see your list (complete or not) when you’re ready to share :heart:

Same goes for @helent, and please let me know if I could be of help. At the moment I’ve got a really sophisticated system of screenshots on my phone :sweat_smile:

I received a handwritten note back from Sprintpak about postmarks: “Unfortunately we are unable to give out information about postmarks”.

I was in Chatswood yesterday getting copies of the new temp. pictorial (didn’t get any good impressions, they were all put on top of the stamp but I guess that’s an incentive to go back). Interestingly it was self-inking, I haven’t seen a self-inking pictorial before!

EDITED to add:
Valentine NSW (near Gosford) doesn’t have a pictorial but they do have a very sweet heart shaped rubber stamp which they use on the back of envelopes with red ink inscribed “Posted from Valentine with love”.

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