20 March 2021 - Teenagers Online Meetup

:world_map:  CITY/REGION: Online Meetup
:pushpin:  MEETUP PLACE: Zoom
:alarm_clock:  DATE & TIME: 20th March 20.00 UTC
:page_facing_up:  MEETUP PLAN:

Hey everyone!
I decided to start this online Meetup for all “younger” Postcrossers. The main purpose is for us to get to know each other and connect!
Of course everyone, no matter the age, is allowed to join, just know that the main purpose is for younger Postcrossers to connect!

Since this is an international meetup I tried to find a good timeslot.
The meeting will be on
Saturday the 13th of march
at 20.00 UTC

Time in different locations

21.00 in Berlin, Germany
23.00 in Moscow, Russia
04.00 in Bejing, China
07.00 in Sydney, Australia
12.00 in Los Angeles, USA
15.00 in New York, USA

To sign-up please post in this thread and send me your email in a private message. The Invite-Link will be sent out via Email.

This Meetup will be over Zoom, which is a platform that should be available to mostly everyone!

  • You don’t have to make a Zoom Account to attend!
  • Either follow the link provided in the invitation or go to the Zoom website and enter the Code to join
  • Once you have joined you will be in a waiting room and I will let you in shortly
  • Once your officially in the meeting please add your Postcrossing Username to your Zoom handle, so everyone can recognize you
  • While in the call please mute your microphone when you are not speaking, so that we don’t have to much background noise
  • It may be that after 40 minutes we will all be kicked out of the session, as I am using the free version of Zoom. In that case please just log back in just like you did the first time and we can continue the meetup in no time

We will get to know each other, chat about Postcards and Postcrossing.
If you have suggestions on what we could do, please let me know! :slight_smile:


Might change!

  1. Introductions: Your name, your age, your pronouns, your location, Why did you start Postcrossing?
  2. Favorite Postcards you’ve received in 2021 so far?
  3. Let’s just chat :slight_smile:

This Meetup is planned to go two hours.

There will be postcards designed for this Meetup. I will email the design to everyone who signs up and you can print them on your own. You can either do this at home, at a local copyshop or via an online print service.

I hope some of you will join and we’ll have a good time! I can’t wait to meet you all!


@mailfromjo DE
@Leopold_Uganda UG
@denizegewrites TR
@anka4445 RU
@jilli1002 DE
@Itinha PT
@piperwashere US
@Aggeliki_Milaraki GR
@Carlosswaps PH
@FlorenceQuee PH
@Ruru1212 IN
@Romy_fenners BE
@stellsie US
@anon5986605 GR
@Ozge TR
@Ellisaveta RU
@RichTheMaster SK
@abbyaguas PH
@anon64385732 CN
@JustMaia PL
@Melissande FR
@Lisa0215 JP
@dreo_tree9 CZ
@kham_zarina UZ
@raymartph PH
@BookBug278 US
@Mr_Rotterdam NL
@Mamiielariie BE
@HeriFernando ID


I will be interested.

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I‘m interested.


Im interested. I want to join for sure

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I´m interested

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I am intrested!

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I’m in!!! I’m so excited :smile:

this sounds fun! edit: seems like 20.00 UTC is very early for me however I’d love to join this :slight_smile:


Yey! These are 2 Philippines here
Edit: Yes very early indeed

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It is pretty early in the morning!

I hope my daughter can join, she have account in here but its so early morning in indonesia.

Hey guys!
I’m glad to see people signing up! I really tried to find a time slot that would work for many people, someone pretty much always has bad timing :frowning_face:
Here’s my suggestion:
We can wait for more people to sign up and then take a look where everyone lives and change the time accordingly!


That would be 4AM here. I’d love to join, and I’ll try to wake up early/ or not sleep at all. LOL
However, just like the previous online meet-ups, I wasn’t able to join because of the large time difference. Let’s see then.

My heart is still a teen btw so sign me up! =)


I’m interested!

Hey guys! I‘ve drawn a bit! Let me know what you think of this as a Meetup Card!


It seems beautiful!:slight_smile:

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it’s so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_decoration:

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4o‘clock?maybe i can’t join :sob:

I am down for it :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration:

I’d love to participate!