18 May 2024 - Ocean Springs, MS "Downtown" Meet-up

I will be there. This will be my first meetup so I’m excited!
I would like 5 cards.

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Just an update to December post - unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. :frowning: I hope you all have a wonderful time, and if there is another in the future, I will try to join that one.

PM me your address if you want to and we’ll send you one of the cards from there. Sorry you can’t make it - but thanks for letting me know!

Oh my goodness - I would LOVE that! Thank you! I’ll PM you my address.

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Hello, dear Postcrossers!
I would be very interested in exchanging the beautiful card.
My offers:

Have fun at the meet-up and thank you in advance.

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Hi, Laurie! It’s getting close to your meetup! I’m really looking forward to it - that’s such a pretty area! I asked for 25 cards, but I can take less if you have more people asking. But, I’ll still go with 25 if you have them!
See you then - Tanya

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I think it will be Ok. There are only 55 cards “claimed” so far, and I was going to keep 20 myself, so there is still no concern. Thanks for your editing tips. I was able to make about half your changes. I’m still learning PhotoShop and had a couple merged items that I couldn’t undo. I’m still generally pleased with it - Moo delivered them yesterday. They are a very nice quality, with a fiber weaving in the card material, and the card face has a sort of waxy coating, so they won’t rip or tear easily. They averaged 68 cents a card with the bulk order.

Hi! Its almost meetup time!!! :smiley:

My first meetup i brought a huge bag w me!! W everything I had bc i didnt know what to expect. Lol

This time I will be bringing some postcards i wouldnt mind trading or giving away.

I will being stickers to trade or giveaway.

I also have alot of folded cards if anyone is interested in trading.

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Hi! I really want to exchange for this wonderful postcard:)

My postcards for exchange: Обмен - Swap — Яндекс Диск

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Hi :wave:t2: I’m joining tomorrow this meeting 18. Mai 2024 - Burg Rabenstein Meeting who wants to swap a card with me?


@Kushboo - if no one else from the meeting beats me to it, I’ll PM you and get your address. I collect meet-up cards and would be more than happy to exchange. :grinning:

(Same goes for the other 2 folks who made a similar inquiry)

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Thanks, everyone who came today, several of you from out of state - such devotion! I had a great time meeting new friends and seeing some other Meetup veterans again!
Until next time, Happy PostCrossing!!!


Thanks so much for putting this together. I had a great time.
I was kind of nervous for my first meetup and didn’t know what to expect, but I had a great time nerding out about postcards. I loved learning more about the coastal community and meeting some wonderful people.


Really enjoyed meeting up! Thanks for hosting, Laurie :blush:

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I received the card today from your meeting - thank you all so much! I hope I can make it to a future meet-up down there!

  • Melissa
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Here are some of the photos I took!



Thanks for hosting @Wynnie! I had a great time!


I love all the additional pictures!
Also, my Post Office tipped me off that there is a first day cancellation event tonight at the South Mississippi Summer Fair. They are doing cancellations and giving a little pin away.
I’m going to go with Dakota. Maybe I’ll see you there!

(Carnival Nights stamp ceremony – USPS Employee News)


Nuts - I wish I could go. I am just a few days away from leaving for an extended work-trip so I can’t get away this evening. I’m glad you found out about it in time to make your plans. You can bring your pin for show & tell at the next meetup you go to! Hope you have fun!

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