17 June 2023 Meeting in Valletta (Malta)

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Valletta, Malta (EU)
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Casa Sotto Valletta Pizzeria Pinsa Romana, 32, triq, Archbishop St, Valletta, Malta (Casa Sotto - Zero Sei - Sotto Pinsa Romana)
:calendar: DATE: 17 June 2023, Saturday
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10:30 AM (Local Time)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
I will be in Malta in June 2023, and I was thinking how cool can be to organize a postcrossing meeting?
We will meet at 10:30 in front of Postal Museum (135 Archbishop St, Valletta VLT 1444, Malta, http://www.maltapostalmuseum.com/) - and we will visit it.
For sure they have a lot of postcards and other postal souvenirs.
After that we will walk to Casa Sotto Valletta Pizzeria Pinsa Romana, which is like 100 meters distance - where we can eat and drink, and of course - where we will sign some postcards to be sent out to the postcrossing world! :smiley: And we can even send postcards with ID of Malta - which is a bery small one (5 digits, between 25000 and 30000!)
Looking forward to meet also some locals and, why not some other postcrossers from everywhere!
Till then we will have as well some custom postcards made for this event!

If you want to join, please let me know here or via an email sent to mihnea.raducu@gmail.com

Participant list:

  1. MihneaR - RO
  2. smugliett - MT (discussed, but not yet confirmed)
  3. Nicole (not yet confirmed)
  4. @LudwigYue
  5. @nightingale - MT

Hello mihneaR :wink:
We know each other from the meeting in Berlin 2022! Can you send me a card from the meeting then? I was also thinking of organizing a meeting in Malta… Greetings send Heiko / Herkules :blush: :+1:

Hello Hercule! I remeber you :smiley: Sure - about the meeting card - but please remind me at Begining of June - till then I will forget - I am getting old :wink:

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Hello all, I am from Malta, can you brief me exactly of what happens in this meeting? its purpose etc?


Kind Regards


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Hello @angelenia !

During the meeting we visit the postal museum, buy postcards, talk eachother and sign some cards to other postcrossers. The purpose of the meeting is to create new friendship, to meet other postcrossers from other countries, to connect :slight_smile:
The perfect description of a postcrossing meeting is here: Meetups Guidelines: feedback welcome!

Till now I participated in more than… 100 (?) meetings - and everytime is fantastic :smiley:

If you want to join - you are more than welcome - bring a pen with you and some good mood! :wink:

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Well - like everyehere - is the same :wink:
I always look at the bright side of life and the full part ogf an half liquid glass


Thank you for your reply - Highly appreciated :slight_smile: Like everywhere (same is in Romania) there is history, there are natural beauties but also ther are constructions, (sometimes) crazy authorities and good and bad things :smiley: Yet - I am so excited to visit Malta and even more to send postcards with MT postcrossing ID’s ;D

I might be able to make it. Count me in! Will save the date, but it’s too early to confirm.


A fantastic location for a meetup! I’d need to book a holiday from the UK but you never know, it would be a perfect excuse to visit Malta again

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Hooray :smiley:

Hello! My name is Nicole, but I go by aida716 on Postcrossing. I confirm that I will be joining. Do we have a meetup postcard?

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Hello @nightingale - now is like one week to our meeting. Already arranged with some people to come - and there will be also special made meeting postcards :smiley: So - maybe you can join as well?

Hello @aida716 :smiley: that’s super! I will bring with me some meeting special made postcards - and you’ll receive too :slight_smile:

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@ardee That is great news - please confirm now if you can come - in order to know for how many people to make the reservation :slight_smile:

Yes, I would love to join! :slight_smile: See you at 10.30am in front of the postal museum.

Till June 17th then.

:blush: Thanks, Maria

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I will be glad to exchange ) )
If my links never open, then I can offer Stavropol counter postcards and many other topics for exchange: foxes, bears, cities, food, flowers, birds, owls, wine Stavropol, famous personalities, characters and more.

Hi there! Is someone interested in swap? I can offer some meet- up cards from St.Petersburg or anything from my swap- album Anmelden | VK

We had an excellent time while in Postal Museum in LA Valetta, Malta! :smiley:



Hey all! :slight_smile: If someone wants to swap a Valletta meetup card with a Belgrade meetup card, let me know!

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pm me