14 August 2021 Grugapark Essen

:world_map: CITY/REGION: NRW, Ruhr region
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Grugapark, Essen
:calendar: DATE: 14th August 2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11 o’ clock
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: going for a walk through the park, food & drinks and - of course - lots and lots of postcards

I am organising a small meetup in this beautiful park landscape which is situated very conveniently in the city of Essen and can be reached easily by public transportation and/or by car.

You can find more information about the park on their website.

Website Grugapark Essen

I am hoping for a few relaxed hours of Postcrossing fun in a peaceful nature environment. :deciduous_tree: :sunflower: :herb: :rose: :leaves:



Meetup schedule:

11 o’ clock: Meeting at the “Mustergärten” entrance for everyone who is interested in a relaxed walk through the park (anyone who would like to join us later is welcome to do so, and we can let you know where we will sit down if you send me your mobile phone number). The nearest U-Bahn stop is “Margarethenhöhe”, maybe 400m away. Just walk down Lührmannstraße until after the car park Kühlshammerweg. The entrance is up a little ramp on the left side of the road.


I hope I have managed to put together a nice little walking route that will allow us to see some of the most beautiful parts of the park.

~12 o’ clock: Sitting down in order to sign and stamp postcards and generally talk to each other. The falaffel stall is, sadly, no longer there. On my visit yesterday there was a stall selling drinks, grilled sausages in a bun and waffles. But the “Sommerterrasse” snackbar has been re-opened and is very close. They seem to be selling fries and a few more hot snacks for takeaway.

The barbecue huts are now available for booking again, but the change has only been made last week so I don’t think they will be fully booked next Saturday already. There are several we could choose from if there are no booked visitors. I do have a favourite, but there are other options in close walking distance.

If anyone is interested in a Grugabahn trip through the park, the little trains seem to be operational again. There is a round trip departing from “Kleintiergehege” which does not stop at the other two stations.

You currently do not need proof of a negative COVID test or immunisation in order to enter. If that should change, I will let you know. You do need to scan a QR code using the LUCA app on your phone or fill in a form with your contact details by hand upon entering. Inside the park and while in the open air with enough distance from other people you do not need to wear a mask. You only need to wear one at the entrance and exit point and while purchasing food. At our table where we sign and stamp our postcards I will leave the decision as to whether we should wear masks up to you. I suggest that we all do wear masks if any of us wish to do so and that we respect everyone’s personal need for distance and safety. I will bring some disinfection equipment with me.


Count me in, I have a season ticket for the park. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’d love to join, but I’m getting my second Corona vaccination on that day, so no chance to come.

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Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to join on this Saturday :cry:
Wish you all a great meet up at Grugapark.

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Hello, please put me on the list.
(Did you get my Mail?)

I have sent you a message, @Mattin62!

Please put me on the list. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, this two meeting postcards I could offer. The price will be 35 cents per card.


And here the second one.


Actually this photo (Parkleuchten) is by Dzan Hadzimujic, I don’t want to steal his credits. :smiley: (didn’t inform you properly in the first place!) can you still change that?
I’ll take 20 of each, thank you for designing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I gave the order for changing the name to the design department (my daughter). Be sure she’ll manage it. This must be mentioned here because I don’t whant to steal her credits too.



nun bin ich auch wieder zu Hause und kann mich mehr kümmern. Mir gefallen beide Designs sehr gut (Lob an deine Tochter, äh, die Designabteilung, @Mattin62)! Und vielen Dank, dass du die Initiative ergriffen hast. Ich wäre sonst diese Woche noch einmal in die Gruga gefahren, um ein paar lizenzfreie Bilder zu machen. Aber so ist es viel einfacher!

Auch wenn wir wohl nur eine kleine Gruppe sein werden, freue ich mich schon sehr darauf, euch kennenzulernen und gemeinsam Karten zu schreiben.

Ich würde gerne von jeder Sorte 20 Stück bestellen.

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Big cheers to your daughter then! :partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ich freue mich auch total, weil ich das Gefühl habe, dass man bei größeren Meetups meistens nicht die Zeit hat, mit allen zu reden. Das wird sicher sehr schön. :slight_smile:

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Hello again, now the meetup postcard has the corrected name. Now you’ll only have to clean the sun that the weather will be good for a walk through the park.


I’ll figure out if I can make it to the meeting. would love to attend a meetup again.

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I would love that, @nearlyperfect!

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please count me in :slight_smile:

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Hurra! :slight_smile: Das freut mich sehr!

Hurray! The postcards are printed. so if anybody of you would like to get them by mail to prepare them for the meeting please contact me by private message via my accouknt “Mattin62”.
Hope the meetingcards are OK, my wife put them on the clothes line because the postman was pouring from the rain.
See you in 8 days at Essen.

Great news, @Mattin62!

I will make a reconnaissance trip to the park on Sunday, mainly to check what plants are currently in bloom and what alternatives there might be if it should rain. But no worries yet, the 14-days-forecast currently looks really positive for our meetup date. :slight_smile: I will also take a closer look at the seating area I have in mind for writing and signing postcards. Once I have done this trip, I will be able to post a final schedule for the meetup. But I have already added a preliminary plan in the first post, if you want to take a look.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!