13 January 2024 - Philly Pen Show - Philadelphia, PA

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Philadelphia, PA
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE:
Philly Pen Show
Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown
201 North 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Postcrossing Meetup
Con Murphy’s Irish Pub
1700 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19103

:calendar: DATE: Saturday, January 13, 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 5:30pm - 7:30pm EST

:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
It’s time for the annual Pen Show in Philadelphia! The Pen Show is 10am-5pm ($15), so the plan is to meet at Con Murphy’s Irish Pub for the meet-up around 5:30pm.

Meet-up cards:

Please let me know how many postcards you would like, so enough are produced for everyone.

  • Attending the Pen Show is NOT mandatory! But if you are interested, please check it out!
  • Tickets for Saturday is $15 (pre-order), or $20 (cash) at the door!
  • We will sign/ stamp cards, chat, and swap postcards! Please bring “unwanted” postcards :smiley:
  • 15 complimentary meetup cards provided for each attendee! If you would like more, 13 cents per card.
  • I will bring some maxicards (aka maximum cards) for swap/ sale/ giveaway
  • Postcrossers who attend the Philly Pen Show will walk together to Con Murphy’s Irish Pub (3 minute walk). Postcrossers who are not attending the Pen Show can meet us at Con Murphy’s Irish Pub for the meetup by 5:30pm.

Con Murphy’s Irish Pub has a reserved space for our Postcrossing group upstairs! Tell the staff that you are with “Postcrossing” :smiley: I have reserved the space 5:30-7:30pm.

  • Light appetizers will be provided for Postcrossers (free of charge!). Vegetable crudité (assorted veggies with ranch and blue cheese dips) and cheese board (assorted cheeses, candied walnuts, seasonal fruit, and pita crisps)!
  • Please let @redpanda know if you have any allergies.
  • Postcrossers may order more food for themselves from the menu (personal tabs)
  • Public parking garage right next to the pub. Special parking discount for all Con Murphy’s guests with stamped validation. Saturday parking $6 (for up to 3 hours, anytime)

Please let me know if you are attending/ not attending! Deadline to let me know by: January 8th, 2024!

MAX 25 people! :slight_smile:
(If you plan on bringing plus 1/ family/ friends/etc, please know that I CANNOT promise that they will have seats/spots at the establishment.)

  1. @redpanda - Confirmed attending
  2. @sarahaeyo - Confirmed attending
  3. @paperglo - Confirmed attending
  4. @jbean2 - Confirmed attending
  5. @Ayellowdaffodil - Confirmed attending
  6. @Laidlaw - Confirmed attending
  7. @robinmp - Confirmed attending
  8. @TwasBrillig - Confirmed attending
  9. @JazzyRose81689 - Confirmed attending
  10. @ceefiore - Confirmed attending
  11. @LovelyLindaPost - Confirmed attending
  12. @Sassy23 - Confirmed attending
  13. @Taledo
  14. @Becrec - Confirmed attending
  15. @DandelionGalaxy - Confirmed attending
  16. @Trinch - Confirmed attending
  17. @deeptir - Confirmed attending
  18. @Soupercaitlin - Confirmed attending
  19. @kookeybird - Confirmed attending
  20. @Mushroommate - Confirmed attending
  21. @Heather - Confirmed attending
  22. @kovame15
  23. @smbfrei - Confirmed attending
  24. @billliuyc - Confirmed attending
  25. @ghost_ninja - Confirmed attending



Hi Emi! I assume people have to buy tickets to the Pen Show in order to get in to the meetup? Do you know what that will cost? I don’t think the ticket prices are posted yet but maybe you know about what it cost last year …


Hi! Attending the Pen Show is not mandatory for the meetup! But if you’d like to check it out, it’ll be about $15 (cash at the door, can also buy ahead of time). Highly recommend if you are into fountain pens :slight_smile:
Will update the post!


Hello. I am not quite familiar with the Pen Show.

  1. What is a pen show?
  2. Is the “Pen Show” another name for a meetup.
  3. What time dors the pen show start and end?
  4. If the pen show and the meet up are 2 separate events, what time does the meetup to sign cards begin and end?
  5. What will be the cost to buy the meetup cards?
  6. What does the $15 for the pen show include?


  1. Pen Show is an annual convention for fountain pens and the likes!
  2. Pen Show is not another name for a meetup. It is not mandatory to attend the Pen Show to join the meetup!
  3. Pen Show starts at 10am and ends at 5pm.
  4. Meet up will start around 5:30pm
  5. This depends on the total count!
  6. $15 is the approximate cost. The exact cost for 2024 will be updated on September 1, 2023. This is your entry ticket to the convention, which will have vendors and seminars/workshops!

Hope this helps!

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Now I totally undrstand. Do count me in for the meetup only. Thank you so very much

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@redpanda will they still let you in the lobby for the meet up if u dont want to go to the pen show?

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Yes, the lobby is open to the public :grinning: the pen show is in the conference space upstairs


@paperglo thank you so much for answering my question :slight_smile:@redpanda mark me down for the meet up if weather is good … if not ill cancel a week before time and i would like 50 postcards when u make them up keep me posted … ill add this date to my calendar :slight_smile: see u all then :slight_smile:

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Fountain pens and postcards - what’s not to love?! I am definitely interested and I should be able to make it from New York City. :fountain_pen: :black_nib: :postcard: :postbox:


I hope to attend if the weather is not brutal. Arriving to Philly by train.


Please keep me posted. I will be there if my schedule allows.

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I am interested in the meetup. As others mentioned, weather dependent. Coming from southern DE.

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Do you already have a design for the card? If you don’t, I have a fun idea for it

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I have something in mind, but please feel free to share your ideas too! :sparkling_heart:

So I was thinking of a play on PENnsylvania and the Philadelphia Pen Show - like a map of Pennsylvania and a beautiful pen superimposed on it, perhaps writing the words
Postcrossing Meetup
Philly (PENnsylvania) Pen Show

or maybe

Welcome to PENnsylvania!
Philly Pen Show Meetup - January 2024


I was just telling a pen pal that I was jealous that she was able to attend a Postcrossing Meetup in Washington State and here I find one that is going to be in my hometown. Please put me down for the meet up.


We just had one last month too, @taledo! Met at Lilly’s Ferry for food and card signing, got our cards stamped and mailed at the B. Free Franklin Post Office on Market Street and then went to the Ben Franklin Museum afterwards :blush: - had 24 Postcrossers attending!


Dang. That sounds like a great time. I have not been to that post office since a field trip in grade school many years ago.

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Love the idea!!! <3